Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Consistency is a big problem for me.

Friday's run at Bluff Point was not a disaster, that would be too dramatic.  To say it was good would be overstating things also.   Monday I went again, in the a.m. with the attitude I could do this.  Of course at the 0.8 mark I thought I could just go up the steep hill and cut out a few miles.  NO Beth... you may need to use the facilities and there are only two one by the beach and one by Haley Farm.  As luck would have it the urge didn't strike by the beach so up the slopey gravely hill I went.  Yes you guessed it thinking I'd not do the full 7.4 miles I'd do the 3.6 miles.  At some point I changed my mind, mostly because I felt like I needed to do this and like I may have to go to the bathroom.  You runners, you understand, right?  So I went to the right, and down the path and over the granite ledge, the bathroom issue now coming foremost in my mind....  At the point of turning right or left.  Right takes me to Haley Farms, I went right.  I'm nothing if not a glutton for punishment, as self inflicted as it is.  Honestly the run was going well and I was feeling good and totally forgot about the pottys at the trail head and headed out to Haley Farm with the goal in mind of going to the bathroom.  Hey what ever motivates a person right.

I made it to the can, moments to spare... yeah, you runners know what THAT is about. 

And back down the trail I went across the bridge, feeling like a million bucks because I stomped down the nay saying demons....  Chumbawumba came on and I hollered "Pissing my life away" and "No body's going to keep me down"... fortunately no one heard, or at least no one I noticed...

I cut 20 seconds off my Friday pace per mile.  Damn, that is good Beth, that is good.  I was sweaty dirty and rolled down all the windows and opened the sunroof and took off...  and then all the sand and dog fur the mat in the back seat was trapping was now ALL over the place.  By the time it finally got all shaken out I pulled over and folded up the mat. 

At the car wash I vacuumed all but one half of the back passengers seat and shook out any remaining sand or dog hair from the matt and put it on the floor, because I totally forgot to take the 4 bags of clothes to Good Will over the weekend.

What was that about consistency being a problem?  Well I guess I am consistently off in la la land, eh?

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