Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rest Day Take II

Yeah yeah, 5 miles were on the schedule.  I didn't do 'em.  I did:

  • read several books
  • stretch, stretch, stretch
  • get to the bottom of the snail mail, who knew my co-pay went up $5
  • get to one screen of eMail, crap my corporate card payment may be late
  • take my hubb out to lunch
  • go grocery shopping
So there, it was an action packed productive day.  I will say my PF feels much better and I will be ready to hit the asphalt tomorrow!  Rest is not the enemy, rest is necessary.  Although my streaker of a BIL would most likely disagree with me.  I have no idea how he does it.  A minimum of 5K a day and he is probably way faster than my 10 min/mile pace.  Yeah I should translate that all to either English or Metric, I'm not going to...  you do the math.  It is 30 minutes of running, phttt...

Currently the boy pups are freaked out by the fireworks and the girl pup is annoyed with them for being freaked out.  Growing up in BFE afforded us the luxury of truck loads of 'shoots flaming balls' smuggled over the state line to shoot off in our back yard, which was 1/2 mile or more from anyone's back yard / barn / house.  We live in a teeny tiny cramped area, houses on top of houses, lovely old New England town, don't get me wrong.  Just not the place for 'shoots flaming balls' to be going off in a back yard where you are feet from your neighbors.

One of my neighbors threatened to run down the street yelling "The British are coming the British are coming."  That would have been great!

Happy Independence Day!

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