Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sweaty Satisfying Lunch

5.5 miles around campus at lunch!  I know I know, I bailed on 5 yesterday and had 3 on the schedule for today so why didn't I run 8?  Well, because I didn't.  OK?

I do love this route, I run it clockwise starting just about on the center on the river side, which if you see in this GPS picture what I see is the Indian's mouth...  Up a hill and around by a school, down by a golf course and then on Fishers Island Sound, through UCONN's Avery Point campus (where I can stop and tinkle and refill my water bottle, yeah!) catching some wonderful breezes and sometimes seeing the cross sound ferry or, even cooler, a submarine!  

The tall ships are due in to New London harbor this weekend,  none were traveling up the Thames as I was running.  That would take some actual planning on my part and most likely the place would be littered with spectators.  Who can blame them, it is a beautiful place to watch the water, the sail boats, the ferry, and perhaps a tall ship or two.  Monday I may get to see some leaving the harbor?  

My only gripe is this doufus in a truck driving slowly and smoking.  Really dude?  It is 82 and humid and my best chance at fresh air and I am sucking in not only your exhaust but cigarette smoke.  Please, please people work with me here.  Finally he couldn't go at my slow pace too terribly long and he was gone, pshew.  At least he wasn't ahead of me for the wicked steep hill (the Indian's chin) that would have really sucked...

Yeah yeah, I need to honor my running commitment of the 3 miles I missed  today.  I will tomorrow morning, after Yoga on the beach! It is a 7:30 - 8:30 class and I can get in my 3 miles then.  Deal?  I do need to reconsider my every Saturday 6 mile beach run...  that was the extra run in the schedule...  I will try it again this Saturday and see what happens with my 8 mile long run for Sunday. 

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