Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Whiskey, My Friend, My Love

I think I may have been a little drunk when I woke up this morning or just exhausted...  The drinks were a little strong last night, no complaints, and I had a very stiff night cap when I got home at oh 10 p.m. probably could have passed on the night cap.  Oh Jack how you tempt me so....

This is how my Wednesdays go.  A little off from a long day on Tuesday. I wore one of my new dresses so I looked good, as my work husband says "Look good feel good."  Busy day, full of action items from the last meeting on Tuesday and other things I need to get moving on.  I worked from home in the afternoon because hubb was off to The Cape to spend a couple days with his family and the dogs are used to having someone around plus the young ones are crated when we aren't home.  While all they do is sleep in the crate and they don't really seem to care, it bugs me.

Crates and dogs.  I've read that the crate is actually a good thing, it is far less stressful for the dog because they don't have to make any decisions on what they are going to do once the two legged pack members leave the house.  They just go to sleep until the two legged pack members arrive home.  I think there is truth to this.  The elder dogs are a bit stressed because some how something that was on the counter is now on the floor and they then get a tap on the tushie because of it.  Dogs do not understand consequences to their actions.  They do know if there is a dog food tin or a soup tin on the floor they are getting a tap on the tushie but the fact THEY counter surfed and brought down that tin escapes them. Plus they are a good place to keep unruly Father-in-laws.

I finished up what I wanted to accomplish for work, fed the dogs and then went for a run on my favorite trail, yep, Bluff Point.  I love that trail.  Did the short loop 3.6 miles, in 35 minutes, not bad time.  I felt like I finally have my legs back. It was awesome.  I also used the Dirty Girl Gaiters a friend sent me.  

I was a little suspect on how these would work and what sort of looks I would get on the trail.  As for the looks on the trail, so what.   The guys that stare are staring at a hot sweaty chick, and I'll just go with that thought.  I doubt they are looking at my ankles anyhow, they are male.  Loved them, the gaiters, not the looks from the guys (ok yes, I like that too, I'm a girl whaddya expect?).  Back to the gaiters.  First, they kept out the dirt and the rocks and the stones and the other niggly trail bits that always seem to get caught in my shoes.  Second, they totally look super cute with my new trail shoes.  Can you imagine them with a pink running skirt!  Woot!  Third, the sweat wicking fabric seemed to keep my ankles cooler, I only noticed this on my cool down walk and my drive home, hey added bonus!

My run was great.  Really great.  My heel is feeling so much better, between the icing and the spikey ball roller.  Now I have a little shin splint action happening in the left shin.  If it isn't one thing it is another.

My awesome massage therapist is gifting me a special foam roller and a DVD to help with my PF and probably the rest of my muscles.  She is awesome!  I need to find a super special gift for her, hmm, better put my thinking cap on!

Tomorrow is a work at home day and a rest day, so you won't hear much until my race report from the Blessing of the Fleet 10 miler in Narragansett, RI on Friday night.

Thank you for tuning in! 

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