Wednesday, August 29, 2012

5Ks Torture or Teaching?

Tuesday was a NY day.  I was able to hook up with my gal pal E for the train ride home.  It was my turn to buy drinks (I'm noting this so I'll remember it is her time to buy next) she caught me up on all the office gossip.  Mostly I wanted to hear about her new assignment that sends her to Washington D.C. on a regular basis.  Too freaking cool, she is so awesome, and she just doesn't realize it.  Love ya E!

Tonight I ran another 5K.  These are some sort of mid-evil torture aren't they? I am happy to report I am still sub 30.  My spits do tell a story and well they tell a story I need to listen to and keep in mind.  I need to work on pacing.

What I'm totally not understanding is this pace/distance.  Or maybe it is just telling me I need to work on my consistency.

The course was familiar to me, it was in the town I live in.  Super cool to stop by the Y and pick up my race bib and then jog down to the starting line.  My friends Don and Suzan were there.  Nice to see familiar and friendly faces!  I hope they had an excellent meal at 84 High Street, hubb and I love that place.

Kind looks like an eel?

Tomorrow is hill work!  I am looking forward to that, I really am not right, am I?

Beth still sub 305K!

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