Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday, back in the swing of things

Yes, yes, yes, 4 miles were on the schedule for today, so was TRX, and knitting.  I opted to knit at lunch instead of walking or running.  My knees were a little tender.  They feel much better now after TRX, amazing what a little movement and lubrication of the joint will do for a pair of knees!

Back to the Tue NY schedule.  I'll get in a run during work on Wed then I have a 5K in the evening, on one of my local running routes! Woot this should be fun.  Especially since all I have to do is walk up the hill to get  home from the end of the race.  Hoping to be sub 30 again. Oh hell I am aiming to be sub 30 and will run like hell.  Though it will be a little bit of a challenge having run during the day, but really I don't think that will have a major difference either way.  Thoughts?

Thursday will be more hill work.  I found a hill that is a bit longer and more consistent in its elevation.  Friday Yoga.  Saturday rest. Sunday long run.  We are also having company for the long weekend, this will be great.  A friend of Hubbs from when he used to 'work for the man' is coming for the weekend.    I am sure the boys will entertain themselves and I look forward to catching up him.  I may do a long run on Saturday and then another on Monday, who knows what may happen!?!?

Beth making plans and changing them!

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