Monday, September 24, 2012

What Happens at TRX Stays at TRX

I woke up and bounced out of bed.  Hubb said "Your pretty spry this a.m., not feeling any pain?"  I thought about it a minute and said "No, wow, my body must be getting used to this abuse." Hubb said "I do believe it is, congratulations for not hobbling!" It is the little things that sort of make you realize that while it is MONDAY, there is no reason to have "A case of the Mondays".

While my sleep was interrupted for about an hour insomnia or lord knows what, perhaps still a bit jacked from my accomplishment?  While Jack and Jim do assist me to get to sleep  they don't necessarily keep me asleep.   My girl Sage was there to be cuddled with and my asleep hubb held my hand as we both cuddled with our girl.  Sleepy time came back soon enough.  I love those little moments and I think hubb does too.

Mondays are TRX and the class start time moved up 30 minutes so it gave me some time to run a few errands.  One being getting a new headlight bulb.  If the parts store wasn't so busy I'd of asked the guy to 'help' me change it, unfortunately it was busy and I'll attempt this tomorrow, looks simple enough, famous last words.

A stop at the sporting goods store was in order.  I picked up a pair of Super Feet inserts, a fellow yogi said they were awesome and should help with my PF and give my arches some support.  What the heck.  I will try them on my next short run.  There weren't any interesting running clothes on the clearance rack so I only bought the inserts.

Of course I had packed my running gear along with my TRX gear.  It was such beautiful fall weather for a run, but I really should give my legs/hips/feet a break and let them rest.  Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Plus, now, I have these new Super Feet things to try out.  My at work course is between 3 and 6 miles, I think I'll opt for the long route and see how it goes. As Scarlet says "Tomorrow is another day."

One thing discussed at TRX, I will share, was the Shades of Gray trilogy.  I could barely get through book 1, it was poorly written and same old same old with the S&M.  I like to get attached to my characters and felt like I'd never know why Christian was so f'd up.  Apparently you get to that towards the end of book 3.  I'll still pass.

TRX  from Centered Work Out Studios

Beth, who is not in pain!

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