Monday, October 8, 2012


Hubb made plans to fish today.  So this became a work from home day.  He was up and out at the crack of dawn so the dogs were also up.  They aren't used to him being gone and the panic of who was going to feed them breakfast set in.  That and the general panic of their routine being messed with they were up and at 'em and I was going to be too, well ok.  The first panic to deal with was, yes I am qualified to serve dog breakfast and it won't turn into a 'dogs breakfast'.  They were pretty persistent and the whining and carrying on is intense, seriously guys I am not going to forget.  In any event, I got the right amounts in the right bowls and they seemed satisfied and were settled in for their morning nap before 8 a.m.   What a life they have.

Meanwhile I get myself all booted up on the work computer and my inbox was exploding.  Lovely.  One thing I forget is sitting all day at work is different than sitting all day at home.  There is no one here but me and 4 dogs.  Well considering my co-workers, there isn't much difference, other than they can carry on a conversation, most days.  By the end of the day I was more tired (even though I had a nap) than I was in the a.m.  I contemplated bagging TRX; no, Beth, you made this commitment, stick to it, suck it up and go, you will feel better. 

Hubb had been home from fishing for a bit over an hour and was peacefully snoozing on the couch with our girl, Sage, in his lap.  Well as much as a 70 lb boxer is a lap dog.  They looked quite content.  I wished him well with his nap and I'd be home in a couple hours for poached Tautog.

TRX was just two of us, the quiet ones, and the instructor. We ran through our workout, caught up on the gossip, I found out the participants in the bar crawl I was hosting in a few weeks had increased from 5 to 20!  Yikes and the more the merrier!  It was a good workout   I couldn't keep my feet in the straps for the side plank rolls.  I put them on the floor.  Just too shaky and off balance, I guess.  I will master that move.  I think it is more a feeling of instability than strength?  Or being able to feel secure in instability is a big part of strength? Some Mondays I do it other Mondays, not so much.  You'll have that right?

When I arrived home I realized I had started feeling better, I must have needed that human interaction and some activity?  Could it be I was worn out from an extremely busy and active weekend and the sedentariness of working from home made me feel more lethargic?

Beth, looking forward to the adventures of this week.

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