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Today was my last long run before the marathon.  In one week from now I will have run my first marathon.  I am so excited, I'm not really that apprehensive.  I've trained for this.  I set out a decent training plan and mostly followed it.  As of today I've logged running nearly 350 miles and at a 10 min mile pace that is nearly 60 hours of running.  This does not include my walking or any other cross training.  Is this enough?  To finish respectably, yes.

Training Plan with Notes
The changes I have felt and witnessed in my own body and mind have been amazing on this soon to be 18 week journey culminating in me finishing my first marathon.  Truly a challenge I am thrilled to have taken on and hunger for the next one.  Any suggestions on my next marathon? next challenge? next race?

My pace was slow today, I was feeling a little, honestly, hung over.  Even the pic Hubb snapped of me in my "Never mess with a woman who runs 26.2 miles for fun" tech shirt showed me to be a little "delicate" as one of my British friends calls it.  Although my shirt is really a mauve not a purple so maybe it was the lighting?

Hubb "Should you really be wearing that shirt yet?"

I ran my usual long run route.  Said HI to the ladies stoop sitting sipping coffee and smoking their cigarettes.  The little old man was shuffling across the street to pick up his Sunday paper, no dog, I wonder if the dog just wasn't into going out on this crisp fall a.m. or if he expired.  Kinda the same old same old, not a lot to report on.  One other runner, lots of cars, no bikes.

When I trained for the Providence 1/2 marathon I ran in May, I would post my route as a rorschach test, while not an inkblot sometimes it made interesting figures and people enjoyed pitching in guesses.  My purpose was to talk about Lung Cancer and who I had dedicated my loop in the park to.  I still do that loop and still think about and meditate on someone I know with or has passed from lung cancer or someone who has a loved one with or has passed from lung cancer.  I dedicated this loop to the last name I've added to my list, a new friend had an Uncle who passed from Lung Cancer, quite quickly after diagnosis.  This disease touches so many people in so many ways.

See anything? The loop in the park is just to the left of the green bubble.

This afternoon my massage therapist friend came over to the house to work on me, mostly my legs.  She arrived at 3 to the chaos that is our house with four dogs barking and jumping all over the place.  She is not unaccustomed to dogs and took it all in stride.  The fearsome foursome also joined us for my torture, er massage, session.  There were a couple of screams and yelps that upset the dogs a bit.  These were prompted by Amy releasing my bound together IT band and hamstring.  I was ordered to sit on ice as soon as she left.  GLADLY, that HURT and I could feel the pressure release.   What surprised me most was the fact my toes stopped cramping up.  Holy cow, she worked all that bound up fascia up and down my legs and hips from the PF and the compensation my muscles made as I was recovering from the PF.  Who would have thunk this was the reason my toes were cramping and flipping me off!!

Amy mentioned she reviewed my PF treatment plan with the trainer for the CT Sun Women's Basketball team.  She is their massage therapist.  I run in some pretty impressive circles, eh?  She said the trainer wished his athletes were so diligent with recovery from injury.  If only he could get the women to follow the plans he laid out for them they would see results and here is this pure ammature plugging along and seeing actual results.  I felt pretty smug, wouldn't you?

The dogs did their best to keep an eye on Amy and also win her over with their charms.  Love them!

I've been frothing at the the mouth to run Bluff Point, I think I mentioned it rained all day Friday.  I did take my eldest dog out there.  I've never taken anyone out there, it has always been my place.  Half way through the trail it dawned on me this has always been just my place.  I was happy to share it with Gizmo.  He loved the one one one time although was getting pretty tired by the end of the trail.  We saw some beautiful sights and he seemed to sniff some interesting smells.  Slowly the sun came out making it an even better trip.   I did want to splash through the mud and puddles.  I tried to remain dignified, it was difficult.

View of the swamp just before the first uphill.

View of the LI Sound, sailboat in the distance.

The last downhill
There were a few runners on the trail.  I was so jealous. After the marathon you can trail run again, don't risk injury, don't risk injury!!!

On the last downhill from all the rain the trail was pretty beaten up.  I caught the glimpse of a runner behind me, bright green shirt, nice!  Making sure she can be seen!  Two thumbs up.  I maneuvered Gizmo to the more rutty part of the trail, giving her the best part of the trail for THE best part of the trail.  She passed, we exchanged hellos and thank you's.  I said "This is the best part of the trail, isn't it?" She said "Yes, down hill and near the end."  then we both heard it, CRACK, the tell tale sound of a dead tree falling in the woods. The at least 5 inch in diameter dead tree, fell, she instinctively put her hands over her head, the tree, missing her head by inches, caught her left foot.  She fell.  I rushed up "Are you OK?"  She got up, stopped her GPS, looked around, disgusted at the forming scrape on her left shin, and answered "Yes, I think I am fine.  Do you have a cell phone?"  She was going to call her husband.  They were staying at the Marriott and he ran part of the trail with her and was going back to the hotel.  No luck getting ahold of her hubb.  We walked out to the parking lot.  Chatting about running.  She was one week out from the New Orleans Half Marathon and was wondering if what felt like a broken toe or two were going to cause her to not PR that race.  I told her was training for my first marathon and while wanted to run the trail, didn't for fear of injury.  She said "Totally hear you there."  Ooops sometimes I need to think before I speak!!

When we got near the trailhead, we were about 0.2 miles from the end, there was her husband.  He saw her with me and another woman and our dogs and the blood running down her left leg and said "Oh honey what happened?"  She had kept it together very well until then but really wanted to break down "I nearly got killed by a tree falling." I could hear her voice crack.  He comforted her and eventually realized they had RUN to Bluff Point and shouted, "Hey, can you give us a ride?"  Of course, no problem.  Loaded them and Gizmo up into the car and we chatted about running and injuries and that she would just tape up the toes and run next weekend.  Atta girl, don't let this near death experience get you down.

Her husband asked if she was planning on wearing heels to the wedding they were attending.  Really?

I never asked their names, I do have their phone numbers from her trying to get ahold of him.  Maybe I'll text them and see how she is doing.  Guess I could ask if she wore the flip flops or the heels?

This is why I don't run without my phone.  I had a nasty tumble on the Vin Gormley trail that shook me up bad enough to keep it with me.  Not that anyone would have been able to find me, but at least I could try!!??!


Slow but steady

Beth fully in taper mode

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