Monday, November 5, 2012

Superstorm Sandy - Catch Up

Wow, what a week it has been.

Friday in Yoga Heidi talked about what we learned from Superstorm Sandy.  She asked us: "From this experience what have you gained."  I like that she asks to seek out the positive in experiences, what should we be grateful for?  While the devastation was horrific, I saw people and neighborhoods pulling together, and that is wonderful, I am grateful people can pull together.  I also am grateful to have made three new friends, fellow runners, female runners, who get each other.  Glorious.

Monday I was supposed to be on Amtrak heading back from DC to RI.  That didn't happen.  In fact it NEVER happened.  By Wednesday, my three new friends and I were ready to head back home.  MAC lives in New Jersey so we rented a car on Thursday and drove.  A and G were able to get their flights re-booked to Denver for Thursday.

We had a fun week.  Tuesday I went for my first run, post Marathon.  I intended on going for 3 miles and went for 5.  I'm slightly directionally challenged and altered my course a bit.  After running into the wind for about a mile I remembered that I ran into the wind away from the hotel so running into the wind wasn't going to get me closer to the hotel.  I got myself all unturned around and back to the hotel.  It was cold wet windy run and I enjoyed it!  Later on, MAC and I went exploring and shopping and picked up a couple of Italians.  I have a hand bag problem and of course MAC has one too, go figure.

What sort of Italians were YOU thinking?

Wednesday the four of us Marathon Chicks went exploring the National Mall in DC.  I was the only one who had never been...  it was amazing and chilling and beautiful.  This picture says it all for me, the past and the future in the present.

The past and the future, in the present

Thursday MAC and I got in the car and drove her to New Jersey and then I got myself to RI.  The national news wasn't exaggerating about the gas lines in NJ.  There were lines on the thruway service areas backed up nearly a mile, amazing.  In town most of the gas stations were closed and had a police officer standing guard.

Friday I went back to work, medal in hand!  Due to power outages and possibly lack of interest the office was sparsely populated.  I was able to get out for a 5 mile run in the morning and check out the damage along my route.  Wow.

The tattered American Flag moved me

Saturday was a dog focused day.  Took my eldest to the trail to hike, not a lot of damage, all the trees that fell across the paths had been removed and Gizzy enjoyed mommy and me time.  Took the girl to do a beach survey.  Wow.  Lost a lot of sand. It ended up behind what used to be big dunes at two of the beaches we went to.

Sunday was a long run, I went out to Watch Hill to see what there was to see there.  The sand that used to be under the cabanas was in the parking lot.  It was a nice run.  I wore my new bright orange "Runner 4 Life" long sleeve shirt, I am sure I was visible to the awful drivers out here.  My IT band was acting up by the end of the run, but a little ice and stretching and being kind to it will be back to normal soon.

See the daylight under the cabanas?  You didn't used to be able to see it.

Today I went on a short run during work, 3 miles.  It was slow, my legs felt like lead.  I think it is time to take a couple day break and let them heal.  They gave me a lot of good miles in the last week, they need a rest.  I am fearful of getting soft, but that can't happen in 3 days, can it???

NONE my Garmin is acting pissy...  maybe later...  I really really want to see my MCM splits!!!

Beth who now has internet access and can blog more regularly about running

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