Sunday, December 9, 2012

Miss Piggy

Hubb looked over at me a few minutes ago and said "Is it really Sunday?"  I had to break it to him gently *sneering* "Ah, yeah."  Ok so maybe it was sarcastically?  Really?  For someone who works for them self, how horrible could Monday possibly be?  Buller?

Friday I was able to get in a quick 6 miles at work.  OMG I so needed it after eating and drinking too much for two days in Manhattan, the beginning of the holiday season socializing, I'm not one to pass up hors d'oeuvres and cocktails.   It was quick, a 9:39 pace, so I could get back to my ever growing "To Do" list.

Friday's Run
My Garmin was not charged and the charger was not in my gym back so Map My Fitness on the iPhone it was to record this one.  This got me to thinking how different are the results from the MMF and the Garmin. Also am I slower or faster with the Garmin? Below is nearly the same route on the Garmin from Tuesday.  I took a bigger loop, on Friday, in a parking lot to get up to the 6 mile mark.

So not really to terribly different, for pace and mile, widely different for calories burned!

Friday night WWIII nearly broke out in the house as the Hubb wanted to see a movie.  I will watch anything and not be phased by it, Hubb, he is a movie snob and if it sucks I never hear the end of it.  After saying "Absolutely not, this never ends well." I reconsidered, he seemed to really want to go to a movie, "You pick the movie, and there will be no further discussion."  Quickly adding "We are also getting popcorn." We went to see "The Life of Pi" and didn't get home until after midnight. I was wired from the diet coke and popcorn, and had a hard time falling asleep, thankfully there were some Words With Friends people to keep me entertained.  This late night wasn't going to bode well for the next day, it never does, does it?

Saturday was nuts, I over committed myself and was able to accomplish two of three events, the third was a pipe dream and on my way there I realized I would probably be lousy company and called off and went home to go pass out in exhaustion.

Sunday, long run day!  Woot!  Wait, no... we had a brunch in the middle of the day.  I needed to get in my long run.  I am off my training schedule and really didn't even check for what my mileage goal WAS for the weekend.  I got in 12.  6 before a brunch with the in-laws and 6 after the brunch with the in-laws.  This was time to test a few things, running twice, running in the dark, running after gorging myself at a foo foo buffet brunch.  I consumed: half a dozen oysters, half a dozen shrimp, two eggs benedict, fruit (there had to be something healthy, right?), pastries, ham, sausage, two desserts, I did limit myself to one mimosa, had to show SOME restrain!  Piggy piggy, I know...  it was SO GOOD!!!

We arrived home around 3:30 I got out for my run about 4 p.m. just in time for the sun to start going down and test out this whole business of running in the dark.  I really really dread running in the dark in my town, not because it is unsafe but because the drivers are nuts and don't pay attention (daylight or darkness).  So, yeah, it is unsafe in that aspect. When I left I thought, well the Tue Fri test with the running route was interesting what would the results be if I ran the same course I ran this morning.

The pace was 10 seconds slower, not bad considering what Miss Piggy ate, oh yeah and she had no GI issues, maybe a belch or two but nothing of note!!  The elevation was what surprised me, off by 30 feet? Really a drop in the bucket...  I was just glad the mileage was the same!!  I didn't check the Garmin too terribly much, it was dark and raining, so not really easy to see for run, the second.

Do you consistently run the same courses and notice variations in what data is captured by your GPS watch or other means of tracking?  If you don't track, then why not?

Beth, eating and drinking and running her way through this holiday season.

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