Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Yesterday was all bunged up to squeeze in a run with oddly spaced meetings.  Then a 5 p.m. deliverable that no one but me took seriously became a 6 p.m. deliverable.  As a result I missed TRX.  I have to leave by 5 and that was not happening.  These things happen.  I miss it after two weeks off, and now it is three weeks off.  Next Monday!  Although missing things seems to be a trend for the first 8 days of this year...

Today was an open calendar with an opportunity to run I took advantage of.  Ding dong would have taken a few more mile advantage had she not forgotten her gloves.  The wind off the water was cold and now I think I know why people run clock stupid, the coldest wind is off the water and at their backs running the direction they run.  I had gloves in my bag, I just failed to put them on.  Lesson learned, took a good hour for my hands to really warm up.

It was a lovely and sunny 4.4 Mile 45 Minute run, when my hands weren't taking the brunt of the wind chill.  The air temp was 40F, I did not factor in that wicked wind chill off the Long Island Sound.

A friend sent me his race list for the year and this got me going on picking races for 2013.  Of course one thing leads to another and I start looking for 1/2 marathon per month. Can we say over committer??  I'm good for all months but December. Perhaps TX or FL?  I think the list is good and now I need to pick which ones and leave room for the 'oh that sounds like a cool race'.  OH yeah and family....

How do you determine which races to run?  Any thoughts on my list? Run any of these races? Suggestions for a December 1/2?

Beth, weighing options

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