Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Raceday Runday

It was so much easier to blog after every run while training for Marine Corps Marathon because every run was a new experience, a new distance, or a new route. Kind of like running itself sort of lost its oomph after MCM.  A girlfriend warned me that it would never be the same, it would never be as grand and that is why some people stop running after that first marathon.  I can totally identify with that.  So if you dear reader are one of those people I get it, I really do.

When I first started running seriously I read anything about training I could get my hands on.  It wasn't until I stumbled across  "Chasing the Runner's High" by  Ray Chaebonneau that I found out about books about running written by runners.  This book took me to a new place.  Now, I totally get that chase for the runner's high.  I had highs through out my training, each time I conquered a new distance or a new PR in a race, they were amazing.  I had such a strong buzz from MCM I was high for months afterwards, feeling rather invincible; and to be truthful a little full of myself.  One of my ex-boyfriends and I keep in touch and he asked what it was like and I said "Honestly, better than the best sex I've ever had."  he snickered and said, "Probably not something you should share with your husband."  Pretty muchly...

So here I sit, in this nice sunny room after running probably 1.5 miles on a trail in 2' of snow.  (I'll check the Garmin later)  Feeling good, every run since Wednesdays has given me more and more of that runner's high, and that passion for the run. Feeling like I actually want to blog about running.

The race:

Those first few steps into the woods on the trail were breathtaking.  There was a collective gasp as about 40 runners entered the woods.

Today was race #4 of 5 for the Off Rhode Racing 4th Season Race Series.  The race was billed as Brrrrlingame 5 or 10 mile trail race.  With the snow (thank you Nemo, who names a blizzard Nemo?) the original course was not going to be reachable so the race director plotted out a total course of just under 5 miles.  There would be three options:  1) short 2) long 3) insane.  One of the gals I met at the last race was at this race and we lined up at the back of the pack of no more than 40 runners and decided, short course for sure, if it doesn't seem as bad as the RD is making it out to be then the long course.  Definitely no go on the insane option, the RD said he only ran that twice and it was really more appropriation for snow shoes...

There were 5 of us on the short course, I came in 2nd (I think).  After the race the last four gals off the course, me and three others, were talking to the RD he recommended we at least check out the first part of the long course it is really beautiful, up on a ridge.

After hiking part of the long trail I hiked back to the main camp road and took a run on the snow covered, yet plowed asphalt.  Love the YakTrax, definitely noticed a difference and felt much more sure on my feet in the slippery snow.  Did another 5K on that and as I neared the group I could feel the nice burn in my thighs and pop pop pop of the endorphin's in my head and blood.

I did start this blog post as I meant to go on.  Tying this up with a nice little bow, it is nice to have something to blog about and pictures to share and to be reunited with my friend the runner's high.

Beth hoping someone is still tuning in!!

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