Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Not Broken, Just a Little Bent

First PT session was today!  Friday's intro session was cancelled due to the snow.  What snow I pondered, we had like an inch at the shore, in land, they had a foot or more, and the doc is inland, so no PT.

I've never had PT and had no idea what to expect, since I had to go to work I threw some yoga pants in my bag figuring my work clothes weren't going to be appropriate.  Good call on the yoga pants.

First up was an initial interview on my problems and where they ranked on a pain scale.  By the time the doc got done explaining the pain scale I had forgotten it.  I wished I had taken notes or he had a laminated card I could refer to. I gave it my best shot as to the pain scale, he asked about specific pain in the last 7 - 10 days, nothing much over a 5, mostly 1's.

Then we got to flexibility testing. I always freeze up for tests!!!  First up was a spine flexibility test.  That was interesting.  Forward, backward, and side to side bending.    I was in the acceptable range, pshew, I passed!  Next up were flexibility tests on my legs and hips.  Just to be sure this was really an SI joint issue.  He said,  in fact this was an issue with my SI joint, he had similar problems.  In my words, the muscles holding the joint in place were tight and needed to be stretched and strengthened to let my pelvis on the left align with my pelvis on the right.  This would allow my left leg and my right let to be more aligned.  Seemed like my left leg was about 1.5 inches longer than my right with the misalignment.

How the body functions fascinates me.  Our bodies are such amazing pieces of machinery, truly amazing.  Through the whole session he told me what muscles were being worked and what each did.  Eventually I'll get all the details.   I think what really sold me was the discussion on how with women the hormonal cycles impact a woman's flexibility and how child birth can mess with the pelvic alignment.  We are meant to be more flexible in the pelvis.  I think this really surprised me as the gals at TRX discussed the whole female cycle (sorry guys) and besides the crazies there is a general lack of flexibility and how most of our primary care physicians didn't account for this fluctuation in hormones as having an impact on our physical being.

Tomorrow hubb is up and out early to go biking with some buddies; leaving me with dog duty and my first at home therapy.  Should be an interesting morning.  Hopefully the boyz won't be too interested in what I am doing, famous last words...

Beth, on to a new adventure in healing!

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