Friday, April 5, 2013

An Experiment and Worm Holes

Hubb called me around 9 and asked if I was still planning on running Burlingame this afternoon.  I answered in the affirmative.  He was going to meet a biker friend out there and wondered if we could go together to see if this idea we've had about him riding and me running would work.  Obviously I wasn't going to keep up with the guys on their bikes he figured a 2 hour ride and I can run about 10 trail miles in 2 hours.  So then the question was what route.  We discussed the options on the drive over to the park.  The main loop is 8 miles and I could take a spur down to the lake and back. He suggested I try the Sammy C and I knew from his directions how to get to one of the end/beginning points.   He gave me his nicely laminated trail map, to help in the event I get lost on the mostly unmarked trails, aww what a guy!  I did pretty ok with a couple of oh shit moments where the trail ended up on a big piece of ledge and it took a bit to figure out which way the trail went.  Fortunately there were some bike chain scratches on the ledge that helped guide me.  One venture to the right ended me up on a muddy section (puffy heart) but that ended at a road, with no marked directions to go back to the trail, so I turned around.  That spur wasn't on the map, doh... Then I completely lost the trail, ledge again, and backtracked to an intersection and that led to the main trail around Watchaug Pond.

I logged 6.2 miles (1:24), took the opportunity to stretch, hydrate, poke around in the truck to see if hubb had any honey stinger waffles stashed in the glove box (no, damn), and catch up on Words With Friends!  His buddy came back first, said there was an equipment problem and hubb wasn't hurt, he'd be along shortly.  Buddy couldn't stick around he had a family commitment.  I said, ah ok, no worries, he will be along.  His buddy said again he isn't hurt.  I said, I didn't figure you'd leave him out there bleeding!  We exchanged pleasantries about his ride my run and he was off.  Hubb appeared 20 minutes later, bike fixed.  Problem with the derailleur.  He had just finished building the bike last night, new frame with components from the not so old one with the carbon fiber frame that just wasn't working out. 

Post outing discussions I'm still not completely sure where the trail actually went.  I'll noodle that on another outing.  Hubb studied the Garmin out put and the trail map and his memory of the trail and he sort of knew where things went askew.

Nice Map, eh?  Better laminate my own copy!
I'd say the experiment worked out well.  The bit of down time waiting for hubb to get back to the truck forced me to stretch; I'm not always great about that when I drive somewhere to run.  My left hip and calf are happy campers.

The most curious part was hubb and buddy rode the Sammy C, leaving about 10 minutes after I left, they never passed me.  Perhaps the muddy spur was where they passed me?  Or maybe there is just a worm hole out there in Burlingame?  I really think they would have passed me way before that spur at about mile 2.5...    but who knows, I'm going with worm hole!!

Beth, calling the experiment a success!

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