Sunday, June 16, 2013

Branford Road Race - Recap

Today, Father's Day, was the Branford Road Race.  Part of the Shoreline Race series.  This is race 5 of 7.  I  am going to do the Sea Legs Shuffle,so I only have to run 7 of the 9, I am ready for this to be over!!  First I just wanted to run the Sea Legs Shuffle because I liked the shirt, then this whole series and a jacket thing.  I have a thing about jackets and coats, just ask Hubb.  I seriously need to figure out my running priorities, or maybe not...  Think I'll ruminate over that with a little Basil Hayden's as a toast to my father for Father's Day.  In fact I ran this race with him in mind.  It is that note he forwarded from the Lung Cancer Alliance about running with Team Lung Love that started this crazy train running obsession.

Note the date, March 17th, the Cox Rhode Race was May 1st.  This had disaster written all over it...  And out of disaster, occasionally something wonderful can be built.  At that time (March of 2011) had only run a few races (2), and hadn't logged very many miles.

And I'm off topic.  If your curious about how I started running, I think this sums it up.

The race kicked off at 10:15 from the town green in Branford.  It was controlled pandemonium, well as much as pandemonium can be controlled.  Tents with all you can eat breakfast, local businesses telling you what they do, and a bazillion people. I found the porta johns and eventually the starting line.  The walkers started first, then the runners, all 3,000 plus of us, after the walkers rounded the first corner.  The gun went off and a minute or so after that I crossed the start timing mat.  Wowza, people everywhere, no regard to lining up with your expected pace or abilities, this takes a  bit of energy and strategery for even Ms Middle of the Pack runner to figure out what is going on and who is actually going to run a similar pace.  Whoopsie, jogging stroller coming through and child exiting jogging stroller in the middle of the road.  Oh boy.  Well this ISN'T the 10K of Friday night, I just better figure 50 minutes or less 9:50 to 10:00 pace, oh heck, just run it and enjoy it and don't trip over anyone!

The crowed thinned out as typical by the end of the first mile, a little more after the first mile and a half, not to thin though.  My pace also slowed without the constant push to steer clear of people.  There wasn't an interesting conversation to eaves drop on either, not that I would have noticed I was listening to music. I think that may slow me down a little, not really sure.  I just wanted the company of the music this morning, not sure why.  The route was pretty, sections through town, through residential, along the water, back to residential and finishing up in town.  Tons of people out cheering on the runners, a couple bands, endless supply of water stations, the whole community gets involved, I like to see that.

A few hills, nothing steep, got a little crazy legs when I turned the corner and saw the finish and the timing mats.  Kudos to the race officials who kept everyone out of the finish chute.  There was none of that come to a screeching halt annoyance as everyone and their brother are ganging up on the people they know in the chute.  You front runners, you have no idea what horror erh fun you are missing.

All in all a nice race, worth the hours drive to Branford?  Definitely not.

Arrived home to find Hubb was back from his ride and gone again with the two young dogs.  Gizzy was fit to be tied about being left out and was giving me hell.  Ok ok, let me shower and eat and we will go somewhere. It is non-stop, when he gets his mind set on something. We hiked 2.5 miles in Burlingame a little North South Trail, and looped around on to the Ridge Trail and back to the car. Fun trying to figure out how all these trails connect in together.  Presently the old guy is softly snoring his contented snore, soon to start whining about dinner, no doubt.

Map My Run GPS output. I like Strava better.

Hubb and the guys biked Big River this morning, he said it was a nice change from the roots and rocks of Arcadia.  I bet.  Maybe next weekend I can get out there and get lost!

Beth, surrounded by content snores


  1. Thats a lot of driving for a 5 mile race.... But we get it :)

    1. IKR? Insanity. The algorithm/logic test should somehow include the number of hours run against the time spent traveling to and from said race. But why mix logic and running? ;P

  2. As always BLS, great recap. I could not have done a race today, have yet to ever do Branford, so glad to read your description and see the course in your blog. Thanks! Ran easy 10 with Al Litwin, which helped me reorder my priorities, meaning back to basics: 30+ per week (not 15), and VO2 max threshold intervals. Amazing what LSD (long slow distance, not that other stuff) can do :-)

  3. BLS, I love the expression you used "this crazy train running obsession." I mean what else does one call it? Suzan's brother Pete, who has worked for years as an enterprise software PM, calls it "a conveyor belt of crazy." Running matches that in spades :-)

    1. Absolutely!! I'll have to share the "a conveyor belt of crazy" with one of my Software PM buddies!!