Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Monday, so good to me

Met up with someone I worked with years ago in the parking lot.  I was so happy when she didn't say "Ugh, it is Monday." She simply said "A brand new week, what sort of trouble are YOU up to Beth?"  I replied that I hadn't quite decided but she looked like she had something planned.  The answer was something along the lines of "Muwahaaaaaaa".  Atta girl!!

Yesterday I did a little experimental run, then went back with the elder pup to do some exploratory hiking.  I was poking around on AllTrails a few months back, and found that there was a way to get to a local wildlife management area that wouldn't require a slightly scary section of road or a down right nerve wracking section of road.  I figured I'd log about 9 miles, out and back. Pretty darn close, figuring the GPS gets a little lost under cover of trees.

It was nice to see some of the same drivers and I was SO grateful NorthWest marina was open, and despite the members only sign on the rest rooms (real ones, NOT a porta potty) I used them and cursed the antibiotics I was taking for this blasted inner-ear infection causing my vertigo.  Which, by the way, I did not wake up with on Sunday morning (or this morning, whoop!).  So maybe I should just be glad all that is over.  The guy in the gray truck giving me the thumbs up, the dirty looks by other drivers, the bikers nodding or speaking greetings of good morning.  What a freaking beautiful morning.  

There were a bazillion swans along the Pawcatuck River, ok maybe more like 30.  I was happy they were down a steep hill and across the road.  They are so beautiful and so mean...

The white specs are the swans - a nice distance away and still observable!

A deviation from my normal Mechanic/River/Greenhaven/Mary Hall short loop and a right on Mary Hall, couple more walkers, a runner, and the guy that lifts weights and walks.  Across Greenhaven to see what this road, Stewart, held in store.  Would I actually be able to get to Barn Island?  

Passed some nice houses a big farm with a huge steer in the front yard, munching grass, doing his steer thing. This made me think of a friend back where I grew up, and her sons steer, Ernesto.  I wondered about Ernesto, but, well, he met his purpose.  Then the road narrowed and a couple out in their front garden waving hello.  Awww, nice!  Then there it was the end of the road, and a little trail. Whoop!

Ernesto and his duck friends!
I ran down about a half mile and there were three men running towards me, oh this is good they must be coming from where my ultimate destination is...  After passing through a really nice gate and finding the graveyard I remembered from other ventures out to Barn Island years ago I turned around.  Sort of expecting to run into these three men again.  When I got to the trail head, there they were, trying to figure out how far it was back to the dock.  I figured it was about 2 miles and they agreed, they'd been running not quite a half an hour.  We chit chatted about the trail, one commented on the mud, I just grinned and said, "That is the best part." One of the guys grinned too.  Some people love mud some people don't, to each their own!

Gate of some sort (and Gizzy) 

And back out the way I came.  By the time I got back across the RI border I was in the usual debate with myself about running up, ok slogging, the pace was slow even for me! So slogging the three blocks up the hill to home.  If there was a "WALK" sign at the cross walk I'd walk it.   If there wasn't I'd run it.  That light rarely ever shows WALK unless someone presses the damn button....  I got a nice breather and slogged up the hill, with just a bit more kick in my step because I knew it was less than a 1/2 mile to home.

Did the usual Sunday lunch with Hubb, he was wiped from riding Arcadia but still packed up and went out to the RC plane field to hang out with the guys.  I took a little nap and then packed up the elder pup to explore down this trail a little more.

Arriving at the trail a car pulled up behind me.  I did see the "No Parking" sign and thought, oh crap.  The man didn't seem to think anything of it and didn't want to block me in.  I assured him I'd be fine and Gizmo and I took off down the trail.  As I'm telling Hubb this tale, over dinner, he asks if I carry pepper spray.  I look at him quizzically and say, no, should I?  He says, well you've just told me you've run into 4 men you don't know in a desolate area, don't you think there could be a problem?  Huh.... Actually, I hadn't considered that....  Anyone else get the heebegeebes?  Do you carry pepper spray?  Is that even legal to purchase?

Gizzy and I hiked about 3 miles, in for 1.5 and back out the way we came.  I figured this would give me enough information on Strava and a Boy Scout Trail map to see where I was and what other trails I could get to.  I see plenty of options to add in this nice shady (other than the stretch along the marsh) out and back loop!  There are lots of un-marked trails in there, I was cautioned by Mike C.  So I better stick to the two track trails and possibly the fire road.

My at run work was thwarted by forgetting a sports bra.  Damn it.  I've done this more than a couple times and thought I had a process, apparently I do not...  I did have 5 pair of socks and the gal I ran into in the locker room said we could probably fashion something, but we both agreed that would be not such a good idea. Um yeah...

Tonight's TRX was cancelled.  Funeral for someone taken far to young with brain cancer... RIP Dan condolences. I did take the opportunity to hook up my rig.  Took quite a few tries in different doors to find the right spot. Ended up in the basement using a door for Hubbs shop.   The youngest member of the pack, Jax, thought all of this was great fun and wanted to lick my face or bite at the straps.  First, I know what you've most likely been licking and ewww.  Second, stop, please....  he eventually just decided to start barking at me, silly boy!!!  Ah well, he had fun and I got done what I needed to.

Beth, "I solemnly swear I am up to no good."


  1. Trails are awesome. I need to run some more trails myself this summer.