Saturday, June 1, 2013

Twilight Trail Run - Recap (and a very short book review)

Last night was the 13th annual Twilight Trail Run.  I've run this race the last 4 years.  2010 and 2011 I ran the 3.6 mile loop  (48.19 and 47.26 respectively) I've seen improvement on this time over the last 4 years of running that trail.  My best time is 34:14 (on 3/9/12).  2012 and 2013 I bumped up the game to the 7.4 (1:16:22 and 1:16:09) nothing stellar, DLF for my sex/age group this year and 12 out of 16 last year (none of the same women ran last year, if that means anything).  I felt like crap all day, and even leading up to the race.  Fortunately there were friends there to keep me laughing.  Amy with her pointy elbows, cheery cheerful too freaking cute Ro, and Don always positive offering to pull me off the course (after he finishes, of course).

Sure, I could have opted for the 3.6 mile loop, but really didn't want to have to deal with what ever I would need to deal with.  It was 7.4 miles on trails I love, suck it up butter cup.

The start is it's usual glom of people, the heard thins out about 1/2 a mile in.  I'm learning how these things work.  I pushed up the hills to secure some ground over people, smart?  dumb?  who knows.  I just know that I have always pushed myself to run those hills and the coast the down hills is my treat.  Then the cut off for the 7.4 mile and the 3.6 mile race.  Going down to single track, the woman ahead of me and I chatted back and forth about that last long slow climbing up hill.  We figured we were in the back of the pack, really someone has to be last, right?  (there were a few people behind us) When we got to the section that is all ledge and looking out over the water on the right we both gasped and said this is my favorite part.  Truly it is beautiful, any time of year.

OK so this is from 3/12... not yesterday...
I kept up with her until we got back on the two track, I stopped for water (oh yes I did) and never let her out of my sights but I just wasn't pushing to keep up.   Once out by the RR tracks it was time to see the front runners, lots of familiar faces.  You go guys and gals!!  Over to Haley Farm on more single track then two track and back towards Bluff Point (where apparently I am 2nd fastest Haley Farm to the Bluff - one more thing to figure out about Strava - so Yeah Me!)

I had a little gas in the tank for a strong finish!!  Love that crazy legs feeling at the end of a race. I've no idea where that extra little oopmh comes from, and it isn't always there.  Happy when it is!

After catching up with Don and Ro, I found Amy to dig those pointy elbows into my tight muscles.  I really think she enjoys people screaming in pain. (You do Amy, admit it. And I do enjoy it after it is over.)  On the way home, Hubb called to find out where I was and could I pick him up a Blizzard if I was planning on coming home soon.  Sure thing hon, I'm just coming home from a race.  Does that man not pay attention when I talk?  He said, oh yeah, I thought you mentioned something about that.  Thanks pal...  I had him text me his concoction, my brain was not going to remember anything, and said I would be along shortly. 

Dumb dumb dumb.  I was hungry, standing in the never moving line, hoping I didn't pass out.  The two drunk men, father and son, flirting with me was a nice way to pass the time.  Obviously they could not smell me was what Hubb had to say about the whole thing. Yes, he did appreciate his Blizzard and that was probably not an appropriate dinner for me?

My plan was to sleep like the dead, the stuffed up nose, sore throat, and bed spins (non-alcohol induced, thank you very much) didn't really allot time for that.  Well shit, just what I need a summer cold.

Missed Mike's race and spent the day sleeping and reading "The Impossible Cool" by Eric Orton.  Very good book. It is a training plan book, yes, and it is more.  It is a conversation with Eric Orton on what are your true goals and what is holding you back.  His plan is about what YOU want to accomplish and how much effort YOU want to put into YOUR goals.  Eric gives you the pieces of the plan, you just have to do it.  Very similar to "Run Faster Run Less" by Bill Pierce, Scott Murr, and Ray Moss.

Due to traffic problems a few weeks ago I wasn't able to hear Eric speak about his book at R.J. Julia Booksellers in Madison, CT.  But I did get an autographed copy and hopefully will get to see him speak at a future time.

I enjoy reading books about running.  Personally, I think we know what works for us and what doesn't, it is interesting to hear what works for others as well as the science behind it.  How about you?

Beth, feeling less spacey, and really needs to learn to listen when her body says rest.


  1. Great write-up, Beth! Hope you're feeling better, and thanks for the book review, I'll definitely check it out :)

    1. Let me know if you want to borrow it!