Sunday, July 21, 2013

Marine Corps Training Week 4

Week 4 is in the books.  It was a hot one and the weather seems to be changing from it's hell like conditions to something more reasonable.

My tradition is to do a loop in the park in memory or in honor of a cancer victim.  I hate that word victim.  Patient maybe more appropriate, except for the in memory of?  hmmm  something to ponder at another time, any thoughts on the matter?

This morning's loop was in honor of Diesel, one of our dogs.  We lost him 3 years ago today.  He had a cancer called Hemangiosarcoma on his spine.  We discovered it as he was slowly loosing the ability to stand up over the course of several hours, September 14, 2008, 13 months after my mother was diagnosed with Lung Cancer cancer.  The tumor wrapped itself around his spinal cord and was slowly compressing it, cutting off the nerves.  Hubb rushed him off to Ocean State Veterinary Specialists in East Greenwich, RI.  The prognosis was not good, Diesel, a middle aged boxer, aged 7, had cancer.  Boxers are known 'cancer factories' so you go into developing a love of this breed knowing the end is going to be too soon and heartbreaking.  

Hubb and Diesel - with the tennis ball, his most favorite toy, ever!

The vet said that they could operate and he could go on chemo and the chances weren't good, he is a middle aged boxer, but there was a chance, and it was our decision.  Diesel loved life and didn't act like he wanted to give up or be separated from us so we took the chance and spent the money on the surgery, the scans, the chemo, the drugs, the wheels, and he was with us until July 21, 2010, a month shy of his 9th birthday (August 21, 2001).

He was the best napping buddy!
The vet said that the tumor was slow growing and he had been relearning how to walk through the course of the tumor growing and compressing the spinal cord.  Amazing.  After his initial surgery they did not think he would walk again.  He did!  We were out with him and Gizmo and Sage at the park taking a walk/roll and noticed his back feet were moving in time with his front legs. His tail was even wagging, huh.  He re-learned to walk and gained enough strength in his legs to run.  The second time he lost the ability to walk, the tumor had grown again, and was abated by a different chemo, he walked again, but for only a few months.

Wheels!  We do have them for loan!!

The last time he walked was May of 2010.  I remember that trip to the park, just him, hubb, and me.  

Chewing a stick!
My mother found Diesel to be inspirational for her.  She would say how that dog had no idea what the hell was going on yet he just kept keeping on.  

If you've been reading for a while you know I'm not unfamiliar with cancer, it has been in my life since childhood.  Please, if you want, let me know if you have a cancer connection. I try not to go on about it too much as this is a running blog, cancer is one of the things that got me running, so I do circle back to it on occasion and as my training progresses I will talk a bit more about it in my weekly MCM training updates. 

Recently I had a conversation with someone about cancer; they commented it was a new disease.  As nice as I could, I said, well not really, it has been around since the beginning.  There are human fossils with indications of cancer.  Knowing I needed a more 'real' example,  I drew upon what family history I know. My great grandmother passed away from Ovarian Cancer in 1935.  I cannot remember who I was talking to, they were shocked.  Pretty much as shocked as I am that there are people who don't know about the horror show known as cancer.  Honestly, deep down I am very happy they don't know about the horror show known as cancer.

Today I need to put together my fundraising page for Team Lung Love, I have set a $5,000 goal.  The marathon is 14 weeks out!  I have the training under control, now to get to meeting my fundraising goal!!

I will end on a happier note!  I was accepted into the National Lung Cancer Partnership Lung Cancer Summit.  The attendees are limited to 75 and I was required to answer several essay questions, I am guessing to gauge my true interest and passion in becoming a Lung Cancer advocate.  In September I will be traveling to Dallas, TX to learn more about how to become an advocate, crafting my personal message, and networking with other people who have the same passion I do.  My training schedule calls for a 20 mile run that weekend.  I will be running that a week early, obviously, and getting in what miles I can during the summit.

Oh wait!  My 13 mile run today!

Eminem helped me rock mile 11.  I had no idea I had THAT in me!!   Eminem "Till I Collapse" came on the iPod and the 9:50 in a sea of 11 minute miles was a shocker.  I played it twice. That song came as a recommendation and what a stellar one it was!  I've been suspicious my music selection has hampered any speedy progress, I do find I fall into beat with which ever song comes up.  Fat Boy Slim was next up with Praise You then Slash Dot Dash Dot Com.  Better get on getting higher BPM songs in the mix!

And don't judge, ok?  I'm a Michigan girl and he has a cute chin divot... 

Beth, reminding everyone to revel in all that is Diesel, a dog who loved every single minute of life.  We can all learn a lot from dogs, they live in the moment, as we all should.  Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is very far away, and the present is a gift, enjoy it and embrace it!

Mr. September, his two favorite things the beach and a tennis ball.  The booties are because the sand really bothered his feet in the fall and as he aged.

Running with Sage, no booties, his paws were all toughened up from a winter on the beach!


  1. Sounds like we can all learn from Diesel, a true fighter and lover of life.

    Oh and nice job on that 13, woohoo!

    1. Diesel did love life, a child of the universe. We do miss him.

  2. Congratulations again BLS on having been accepted to attend the Summit!