Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More About Eating, Less About Running

Hubb's birthday was Monday, he is now older than me, again, pshew. It has been a tough 81 days!

Monday my work schedule was all bunged up, and I didn't get out for a run, I was kind of bummed but had a productive day which is probably more important, seeing as that is what pays the bills.   TRX was just me, we had class since I was already there, usually two is the minimum.  It was nice to spend an hour talking with my friend about subjects all over the map and noting that my core strength has dramatically improved since I started class, late last summer.  Guess regular conditioning does that for a person, eh?  She laughed about how I couldn't do a curl under plank to save my life and now I was managing a solid 9 on each side.  Huh...  

Hubb wanted to go to Captain Scott's Lobster Dock for dinner, cool, when he got there the line was outrageous so we went up to The Plum Tomato in Colchester.  Yes, a ridiculously long way to drive for pizza, it is simply the best pizza, large white, with chicken and triple pesto. Their pesto is ridiculous and the combo with a little romano cheese sprinkled on it, YUM.  Washed down with a couple beers, acceptable birthday dinner.

Tuesday I got in a double run.  Or really a triple.  3 at work, 1.5 warm up with Jana, which was damn close to my race pace, and 1 lap (1.5) of the Dog Watch 5K with Crutch and eventually we caught up with Jana.  I was done, that was mile 6 for the day.  It was fun watching every one come in and of course the beer afterwards.  Good to get some time to talk with Mike and Crutch about running and non-running things.   Great to meet 5K!  Hi!

So that brings us to Wednesday, wrapping it up quickly my legs were a bit sore, go figure.  Time to take it easy and do some walking.  What better place to take a walk, watch cows munch on sunflowers, and have ice cream, because no birthday dinner is complete without dessert, off to Buttonwood Farms!  

Beth, see more about eating, less about running...  but if you were curious about the stats

Work Run 3 miles 9:51 pace
Warm up 1.5 miles 9:13 pace
One lap 1.5 miles 9:13 pace

See Mike, 8:30 isn't an easy warm up for me, it is a goal pace!!  Eventually I'll run a few yards with y'all!


  1. Ahh, great! Love the pic with the cows! So neat.

  2. That was fun on Tuesday! Had a great time running with you, Jana and the rest of the crew :)