Monday, September 30, 2013

Wrapping up September

I'm supposed to be folding laundry, that's the deal, he does the laundry and I fold it.  Think that is fair, I don't spend a day on the weekend dealing with the whole process.  Hubb/Dave spends most of the day in and out of the basement with his business so, perfect.

September is nearing it's end, how did THAT happen?  Walking out of work with Number One Smart Guy, now named Como Libro after his recent trip to Puerto Rico...  neither here nor there or germane to the story; he was pleased with his new nick name, he liked Number One Smart Guy, somehow the new one makes him smile more.  Anyhoodles, Como Libro comments that September is the best month of the year, and it was horribly hot in PR last week.  I added in October is also beautiful, and it is!

Checking Strava to see my monthly stats:

216 miles, wish it broke the totals down, if it does, I can't figure it out...  anyone?

Run:  114.7
Ride:  93.9

The rest are walking and hiking miles...  (7.4)  

I missed the Mount Fuiji Challenge, the last miles were treadmill and didn't count, oh well...  

All in all, not too shabby!  Considering I've missed two weekends in September with other commitments!

So what was my point?  I don't know that I actually had one.  I DID have a point for "Living the Dream"  I've been following Kristina Folick-Welts, Saturday she ran, well started UROC.  She and her husband spent the week acclimating from the low lands, the NH White Mountains, and that didn't go so well (her linked blog post goes into some pre-race details).  Friday night she was active on FB with her worries and concerns and we had a few messages back and forth and all I could say was "you are living the dream, go forth and be awesome"  She wanted that buckle so badly, and I believe she will get it, she and Ryan (and Jack Puppy) now have a vendetta to conquer, a little motivation never hurt any one when conquering a goal.   Plus she has such a great attitude, she is bummed, extremely positive about the whole thing.  See, living the dream, running is her job, so awesome.

Anyhow, I was so happy to run today, I aimed for 10, by 6 I could tell my knee wasn't happy and I better wrap it up soon, 8.9 it was, as I hobbled to the guard shack to collect my badge, I knew that when I realized I forgot to put on that stupid strap (pre run) I should have turned around.  Live and learn, right?

I took a try at the airport road, nice, nice and flat and wide and not a lot of traffic.  Thanks Mike!  Then did the rest of the usual loop.

So ends September, 30 wonderful days and now into October 31 days which will prove to be very challenging and beautiful as the leaves start to change here in Southern Rhode Island.

Beth, can't believe how fast time flies, feels like it was just January....  oh and I better fold that laundry :)

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