Saturday, October 12, 2013

Free to Breathe 5K - Recap

Nicole sent a note, meet me at the US 1 Park and Ride with the tower, 7:40/5.  OK sure.  As I got in the car at 7 this morning I thought, do I even know what she is talking about?  Yeah, I think I do...  Off I go, I made it a whole block before I realized I forgot my watch!!

Arriving at the park and ride early, I was there maybe 5 minutes and along comes Nicole's impossible to miss truck.  I waved to have her come to my car, I'd drive.  I commented we are both chronically early, it was all of 7:35.  She commented I had liked her post on FB and there was no way I was FBing and driving so I must be at the Park and Ride.  HA!  

Off we went.  I realized I had forgotten the printed directions to Dagget Farm at Slater Park.  In my mind we were going to Slater Mill, ah yeah, no... Fortunately we arrived at the right place, VERY early, like 8, the race didn't start till 9:30 so we picked up our bibs and chatted with Sally. Took a walk around the mile loop. Signed up for a few silent auctions (fortunately someone out bid both of us, pshew, but hey someone has to get the bidding started)....

Nicole, Me, Sally
Sally was on the organization committee for Free to Breathe Providence - 6th year! she had everything well under control at the chaotic registration tent.  Just over 100 people registered in advance and nearly 100 more the day of the race!  Awesome turn out.  There was a 5K race, 5K walk, and 1 mile walk.  

I really liked how they set up the races, the 5K run started first, then 5 minutes later the 5K walkers, and 5 minutes later the 1 mile runners.  Helps with that whole walkers lining up front at the start.  Nicole looked around and said, "I think we may win this thing, doesn't look like a lot of tough competition."  We laughed, because, yeah, no...

The race coordinator explained the course, the 5K runners, go right at the first cut off, go around the circle, past the start line then left at the cut off and around the park.  We looked at each other and said, oh boy, did you pay attention?  The race coordinator then said, and there are signs and people directing.  We looked at each other again and said, like there were for the Shawn Nassaney?  Well let's hope for the best!!  (two of our team zigged when they should have zagged, with the confusion on that course)

We vowed to just run this easy and we did. It has been more than a month since we've run together and had lots to catch up on, her kids and school, was a big topic.  What is it with the school administration these days?  First one of my work buddies son has a full day kindergarten curriculum compressed into a 1/2 day.  Woah, kindergarten curriculum?  you're joking right, isn't that about socialization and playing.  Poor AJ hates school and it is a battle every morning for he and his wife to get the kid up and ready for school.  He has to sit at his desk for the full 1/2 a day?  Krikies.  Nicole had a similar story with one parent wanting to ban recess because her child got hurt on the playground.  Her son is in 2nd grade, and all boy all the time, he NEEDS recess... krikies...   Then there was the debacle over her volunteering in the class room and how kids add these days.   don't know how you learned but we learned to add in columns... apparently adding by 10's is the fashion?  Both her father and my husband learned adding by 10's so it isn't a new concept. But wow... Although we both wondered if this is part of the reason neither of us do math well in our heads?

At one of the confusion points we were told 5K go left 1 mile go right.  I questioned the guy as he was pointing right and saying left.  Yeah yeah he said, go right.  Ah ok.  Wonder if this is what happened to Connie at Shawn Nassaney?   We giggled and said, held out our hands, remember the left hand makes and L.  

All in all a very fun race and a beautiful location to have a race!!!

I stopped off in Narragansett for the YNSC 5K and picked up my bib, I had an hour before the 12:30 start and thought, oh forget it.  I'd like to spend some time with my husband, maybe he would be game for at 20 mile bike ride.  Arriving home I found him cleaning out his truck.  Apparently figured out why he had no water in his hydration pack earlier this week, it leaked out and created quite the gnarly smell!    That was all well under control and was told to bring down my running clothes he was putting a load through.  I came down stinky clothes in hand with my biking gear on and was greeted with "Ah, what are your plans?  We have a cook out to go to at 2."  I rebutted with "Ah, it is noon and a 20 mile bike ride is 90 minutes or less, I have some more energy to burn, plenty of time to be in Charlestown by 2."

Well there was some fiddling around with pumping up of tires, he bought the appropriate tire pump and it is very easy for me to operate and pump up the tires, which apparently needs to be done before EVERY ride.  Who knew?

We were on our way and noticed the headwinds (more like side winds) on the way out to Watch Hill.  Turning right past the Ocean House we caught a HUGE HEADWIND off the water, lots of white caps, usually you can coast a bit.  Backing off on the pedals we would have stopped at a minimum, more likely went backwards!!!  Ocean View Road was slow with the wind at a 45 degree angle.  Hoo boy Atlantic Ave was going to be right into the wind and a bitch.  It was. We made it!!  The slowest time ever along that stretch of Atlantic for me.  Done and dusted we went up Weekapaug Road to take Shore Road back to Winnepaug Road and home.  The tail winds along Shore Road were nice with the hills and curves.  We played catch me if you can, that was fun!!  Dave is difficult to catch, I manage, but I think he may slow down so I can catch him!!

(the pic isn't appearing for me... hmmm)

We were a little late to the picnic, oops, and were teased unmercifully because really, bike ride over bbq and beer?  Where are your heads!!  Endorphin addicts, end of story.

Beth, exhausted and ready for Newport 1/2 tomorrow a.m.!!

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