Monday, October 7, 2013

Marathon Training - Starting week III Counting Down to MCM 2013

I started a post about family, not genetics, related, as in connected to in some way.   Not really sure I remembered where I was going to go with it.  I started down one path and fizzled out.  Writing has a way of doing that.  What SEEMS like a good idea when you are driving through PA and you pull over and make some notes, just doesn't pan out, it happens. 

On my drive back I made a stop at Pymatuning Lake.  My paternal grandparents used to take me there during my two week vacation in the summer.  My vacation from my parents and my parents vacation from me and my opportunity to be the Number One Special Grandchild Ever.  We were ALL quite happy with this arrangement.  I remember going to feed the carp, and that is about it.  My 2 weeks with my grandparents stopped in 1975 when we moved to Wisconsin, bummer, understandable though.  But hey, I remember bits and bobs feeding the carp, and there may be some photographic evidence some where.

This was the beauty I saw. 
Checking in with one of my groups, we post our miles weekly towards a goal,  I have no recollection what the goal IS however apparently I have surpassed it.  Anyhoodles, I noted on my marathon plan I was off, way off.  Yes, I do have knowledge on my marathon training plan, I carry the damn thing around with me - yes, geek, I own that!

So, I have this very cool training plan with the miles I’m to run.  I mark off what I did to what was planned.  I’m behind.  I’d do the math to figure out how much but that would make me cry.  Instead, this is a new week and a new start and there is no doubt in my mind I can run 26.2 miles, I mean really, not a problem.  Not being arrogant, but when I truly set my mind to something, it happens.  Right Scott? Breaking 5 hours, well, that is in question.  Yeah yeah, there are plenty of sub 4 and sub 3 marathoner runners out there, yippiee!!!   That takes serious work and dedication, I get that and I ADMIRE it!!    For me, I figure it takes A LOT of patience and stamina to stay on your feet for 5 hours, I’m just the patient person to manage that! (Mike and I talked about this in the fitness center - along with how awesome a show WTAC put on for their races this weekend).  Anyhoodles, as I finally figured out, I’m a runner not a racer, I enjoy the running part, no matter how long I'm on my feet.  Just wait, 50K in WI next year, could take me 6 hours...  LOL!!!!   Just a little poking fun at myself, no harm no foul, no whining intended, not a pitty party.

Tis' a beautiful thing, no?

 Maybe NEXT year I’ll get focused on this whole business of speed work and being faster, or maybe not, life is a crap shoot and I’m all about enjoying it.  So I'm behind on miles, I'm over the top with fun and enjoyment, guess it all balance itself out, right?

The only thing that does worry me (oh I have worries, believe you me, I'm over the top with those too) is being part of a parade, or some insult to the prestige of the Boston Marathon as a charity runner.  I may always keep the note from Mass General Cancer center to run Boston as a charity runner.  Acting on it?  Probably not.  Surely I shouldn't offend the elites like Chuck Engle and those of that ilk?   Besides I'd rather run the LA Marathon and see family (oh yeah and a beach house in Oxnard for a week is pretty DELUXE, no?).   No disrespect to Boston and the qualifiers, but really if you want a qualification only race outside of the Olympics, run Gansett.  Seriously. 

Ok enough of my soapbox, if it can even be called that...

I've COMPLETELY lost the point of ANY of this... if you can figure it out, let me know, please!!!

Oh wait!  Some of y'all may remember Burr-lingame in 2012, I was the person who came in last, dead freaking last.  What you may not know was that was my FIRST 15K race, ever.  I was so ready to hang it up after the first loop when I KNEW I was last.  Mike and Becky just said KEEP GOING.  Thanks for that!  Even when I finished I think Becky said, "Oh there is someone else out there." There wasn't and all y'all were probably waiting for me to get out of the woods so you could collect your Gansett beer and go home!!!   Thank you for your patience, little did I know all y'all were really cool and warm people!!

To sum it up:  Family is not genetics, it is being connected through a commonality, through a community. 

Beth, sorry if I kept you from your beer, but hey, what I know of REAL runners, all y'all aren't wigged out over the slower of the pack!!!  Thanks for that!!


  1. Good post. Ultimately it's all about running and having fun!

  2. "So I'm behind on miles, I'm over the top with fun and enjoyment..." Hey, so am I! Not a snowball's chance in Hades of hitting my yearly goal, but damned if this hasn't been the best running year yet :)

    1. I have goals written down, somewhere, they have become unimportant, sucks the fun out of fun.

  3. As long as running is fun then that is all that matters. I probably couldn't stick to a program or schedule. I just like to run what/where/how I feel that particular day/moment. Good luck with the marathon!!

  4. Good post - welcome to the club of misery, oh I ment fun :)