Sunday, October 13, 2013

Newport 1/2 - Recap

Going into this I had no designs on anything, just running 13.1 miles with Nicole.  This was the race I PR'd (2:09) last year and wasn't feeling like working that hard this a.m., I just wanted to run and enjoy the sights of Newport on foot.

Nicole and I were to meet up with a few people.  Rebecca, who we found though the miracles of texts!  Yeah!

Rebecca (Marathon), Nicole, Me (we are the sane ones doing the 1/2)
Me sans my usual smile...  Alas perhaps I was a bit pensive over my activities yesterday, mostly the plate full of BBQ (neither the 5K or the bike ride were a concern - I really NEEDED those) and I just wasn't feeling this racing business.  Of course I wanted to run, so that I did, ran and chatted with Nicole.

Nicole was on the look out for her friend Patty, we didn't see her till we stopped for a potty break @ mile 4.5.  We caught up with her around mile 6 and hung for a little and then were able to see her finish!!

The race started about 30 minutes late, I have no idea why.  Probably getting people to the start, I think this was also a problem last year.  Remembering the traffic jam last year I aimed to be parked and on my way to a shuttle bus by 7 a.m.  CHECK.  Took a few minutes to get across the starting mat, per usual.  Well those of you up in the front may not know this so, yeah, the runners of the group have this hurry up and wait and waddle to the starting mat business!  We ran with Rebecca for the first couple miles.  Nicole had already run 3 per her Philly Marathon training plan. Better woman than I, I never managed to do the additional miles, call me lazy?  Ha - hardly!

We started out slow as per our plan, this is a training run, enjoy it.  The first mile greets you with a big hill and we could either waste energy trying to pass people, or just run up it with no bobbing and weaving.  Rebecca, did all she could to hang back for a little while, she found some Marathon Maniacs after the hill and started chatting with them, we bid her adieu.  Spunky gal, we will catch up again!!

The first set of porta potties looked appealing, something about a late race start gets the body all confused.  We passed them and figured the line would be less for the second set.  It was, we lost about 6 minutes, it was time well spent (the BIG spike in the pace chart).  Chatted with a gal from Philly (Nicole's hometown) who ran the Philly Full 5 years ago and was running the Newport Full. She gave Nicole some tips on the race and how nice it was to run in their home town.  As luck would have it Nicole spied Patty running past, pshew, Nicole was relieved, she sort of talked her into the race and then they forgot to exchange phone numbers to catch up with each other pre-race.

After that we picked up the pace a teensy bit to catch Patty, eventually we did around mile 6, I didn't check my watch, it may have been earlier.  She was happy to see a familiar face, even for a few minutes.  

At about mile 8 Nicole happened to mention her 1/2 PR is 2:34. I checked my Garmin, we were 1:38 with 5 miles to go.  OH hell yes, she was going to get a PR, little did she know I had a goal.  I let her know a few miles later what my goal was.  This sent my endorphin level spiking.  I LOVE having a goal, super geek!!  As the miles clicked down it became apparent we could get this thing done in under 2:30.  I pushed her along a little harder and backed off as she really needed to.   I kinda forgot she was 3 miles ahead of me for the day already!!

At mile 12, the sub 2:30 was in sight and I pushed a little harder, there was just enough of an incline that we could slow down too much and miss my goal, erh our goal, ah her goal... oh whatever.

As we went down the hill I was pulling Nicole along, by the time the finish chute was in sight and we saw Michelle (HI!) she got some kick in her step and I had to work to keep up with her and be a stride ahead, so she wouldn't let up.  She saw the timing clock with 2:32 on it as we crossed, I could see some happiness in her face and a little bit of a bummer to not be sub 2:30.  I said, "1:29!! Remember we didn't start till a few minutes after the gun" She was all smiles!!  I'm so proud of her!!!  She hung with it and totally gave me a reason to love this race (besides my own PR - which pales in comparison to helping someone else achieve their goals!)

After our race we looked out for Patty and cheered her across the finish line and then set about finding some food, snapping a few pics!  I bailed on the last 2 of Nicole's total miles for the day, headed to the bus to go home.  She knew I would, I knew I would, I should have stuck around, she found beer, bummer.  I had my sights set on beer and pretzel sammiches with Dave....

The cat's who ate the canary!!!

Texted Dave that once I found my car I'd be on my way home.  Yeah, finding my car.  The busses were doing us a favor by going to the different parking lots.  I had no idea where I was parked unless I walked there from where I picked up the bus.  After a lap or two in the parking lot I did find Vinnie and we headed home, well sat in traffic.  I knew this is going to be the case.  Called Dave and he was done biking (Big River) and on his way to 55 with the guys.  Damn it on many levels, I was hungry and all I had was a damn Cliff Bar and a couple bottles of water and what I wouldn't give for an icy diet coke at that moment, then I really want to try 55, and well pretzel sammiches are off the table.  Blargh.  Getting between me and food is, well, not a good idea.

I foraged around when I got home and came up with an orange, some cottage cheese and coconut water.  Who does the grocery shopping in this house?  Ah... whoops...

Awesome race day all the way around!

Beth, who eventually did get beer and pretzel sammiches! Yummo!!!


  1. Great recap! I didn't even start mine yet! Anyway, thank you for sticking with me. I would of never gotten that PR without you. I loved every minute of the day, even the tough moments. BTW, my PR will be even bigger because my best half time is 2:36, so cool! You did a great job too and don't worry, I didn't actually have a beer. I found the tent, texted you a huge gust of wind came and I was freezing! I just headed to the bus and drank when I got home, LOL!

    1. You re-ignited my love of running!!! 7 minute PR!!! Wahooo!!!!

  2. Great write-up! I've been wanting to do this race but I always seem to get lured by another event. Perhaps next year?

    1. It is a great race and a great course! I'm in for next year!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! Impressed I kept all the races straight? LOL

  4. Great recap! I felt I was with you and Nicole all the way! Great PR for Nicole, too! I'd love to do this race next year. Thanks for sharing...

    1. It is a great race! Put it on your list!!