Friday, December 27, 2013

Ice Age 50K Training - Starts Now!

Monday - 0   This week kicks off Ice Age 50K training.  The gears started clicking in Dave's head, "Hey wait, you didn't run on Monday, you started training with a rest day? Maybe I'll take up running."  Ha ha ha, very funny.

I found a 20 week training program, alternating between hard weeks and easy weeks (it starts on a hard week)  M/F are cross/rest I will have to monkey around with the Tu/Th the weeks I travel to NYC.  I was hoping I could back this off to twice a month, unfortunately no, the recent shake ups in my division mean face time has become important, again, my bosses boss has left the company...  Blargh.  I was coasting pretty nice in the fall with every other week and not every week.  I do wish the Donnie Wahlberg doppelganger well as he goes off to fulfill his career ambitions, but really, tossing around promotion and then flying the coop a few weeks later doesn't leave me with a lot of hope.  Tis the way the worm turns.

So yes, Monday started off on as a rest day, well TRX, so a cross training day.  I misread the schedule and ran an 8 on Wed when a 6 was called for.  Whoopsie.  Being the planner I am, here we go, all ready to be scribbled and scratched over with actuals!

Tuesday  - 4.1 / 1.9  Nothing spectacular, I was up rather late on Monday night, so yeah... Took the beasts to the beach in the afternoon. I've been curious about Jax's mileage when we go to the beach, he is all over the place.  I hooked my old spacewatch to his collar and off he went.  Dave was sure he would notice it and pay attention to it and try to get it off his collar.  Actually, no.

We walked 1.9 miles and Jax did his thing for 2.8 miles, so about 40% more than we did.  Interesting.  His GPS map was fun to look at to, he is all over the place.  I'll be doing this again, kinda fun to see!

Oh and don't worry none of this counts towards the current Strava challenge, they are labeled as "hike" only "run" counts!!!  I checked, to be sure.  

My GPS map (not quite that straight of lines, way straighter than Jax's, though):

Jax GPS map (you really have to open it up to see the squiggles and circles):

Wednesday - 8 knowing we had to be on the road to the in-laws by 11 and this 8 was probably going to take me close to 90 minutes, hey I'm feeling sluggish and really didn't feel like working all THAT hard on a 26F feels like 6F day.  Plus I wore my Santa hat and that damn pom pom thing kept bonking me in the head and was getting annoying - well that is just an excuse.  Fortunately the sun was out and I was amused by the pom pom shadow, especially when it would whirl around in a circle over my head, generally going around a corner or a curve.  So that was fun and I was quite happy to have this time to myself as the rest of the day was not going to be that way.

As usual my in-laws out did themselves and we both had a grand time eating way to much. 

Thursday - 4.4 I decided to check out Westerly's North End.  A little tough getting moving!  I haven't been on that side of the tracks in a while and I always get lost in that awesome little neighborhood and this morning was no exception!  Now that I have a better map in my head I can explore some more and not worry about getting too turned around.

Friday - 0/4.2 (walk) late night Thursday in Narragansett with Dave's cousin and family made for a slow start this morning, but hey it was a rest day.  Took Gizzy for a stroll after his breakfast and enjoyed the parts where I could feel the sun.  When I was given a reprieve from the Smith/Jones clan I tried out the new harness I got for Gus.  He is a horrible puller and wiggles out of the collar and this makes me nervous with busy roads and other dogs he is and probably always will be unpredictable.  Got the harness all sized to him and he pranced, seriously, he PRANCED around the front hall.  Hmmm... this is an interesting turn of events.   I loaded up with treats and poop bags and off we went, at a reasonable pace, him prancing along with this head tilted as if to say "Check out me and my red harness, I'm da bomb, don't ya know."  Amazing.  We saw other dogs and he noticed them and just kept on his merry way, even as one had a frothing fit.  Huh...  We met up with a woman and her child and he was all into getting petted.  Huh...  That was the most pleasant walk I've had with him in, a long time.  

Perhaps the most hysterical walk was with he and Gizzy and they spied something across the street from where we were and the two of them, nearly 160 lbs of combine muscle took off, dragging me down Chester Street, just a couple blocks from the house.  I was quick witted enough to not let go and flip over so they dragged me on my back till I could stop laughing and regain control of the situation.  I think they may have stopped and looked back with this, "Really, Beth." look on their faces.  And, of course, being on the ground also meant I needed to be licked and sniffed.  Hey, at least they stopped and it was early enough in the a.m. no one saw and there were no cars.  

Saturday - 16 on the plan - two laps of Burlingame seems reasonable.  The Ice Age trails are not technical, they are relentlessly hilly so I do need to find something akin to that for my long runs. Suggestions?  Dave thinks I'd be better off in Big River, I reminded him the trails aren't marked...  then again I do have the 'find home' or whatever function on the spacewatch...  hmmmm

Beth, back to training, and this makes me happy


  1. 50k??!! Wow you are hardcore Beth! Looking forward to following you on this journey!

    1. Thanks Jose!! Although I wouldn't say hardcore... Seems like it will be a fun and rewarding challenge!! I'm looking forward to the next 20 weeks and the race itself! Enjoy the journey.

  2. OMG, training started! Wow! I know you are going to do great! Enjoy the training! I am so looking forward to following along.

  3. Thanks for the invite this morning!!! I'll happily do some long runs with ya, as I have to kick in with some training myself :)

    1. HA! I'll keep you posted and let you know!!