Saturday, January 25, 2014

Week 4 - Cough, Sneeze, Groan

Monday -  Run 0 / Walk 3 / Ride 15 - The day started with a walk to the eye doc for the annual eye dilation, my doc is just over a mile from the house and it was a nice a.m. for a walk.  She plops the drops in my eyes, 15 minutes later my pupils look like I've been partying since 1999.   All was well and the usual comment, wow your eyes really react to this, ah yeah, they are blue and sensitive, do you not take notes?  I decided to take a less direct route home and check out Tin Tin Bakery across  from the Packy.  The owner of the shop suggested a cream bun and asked "Will this make it home?" considering I only bought one and really wasn't in a sharing mood I munched on it as I walked through the park and headed up the hill home.  Missed Mike B's run through the park!

After several hours my pupils un-dilated to the point it looked like I've only been high since yesterday, it was time to do something...   I pumped up my bike tires and put on warm biking gear and the new winter biking boots Dave gave me for Christmas.  Headed out for a ride to Watch Hill.  It was a nice 15 miles, my feet stayed nice and toasty!  

And yeah still can't load the Strava thing...

I'll spare you the photo of my uber dilated eyeballs!  It is pretty disturbing.

Tuesday -  Run 4 / Walk 2 - With snow predicted I got out just as it started and it was lovely, light snow falling.  Woods would have been better, but it was nice running along the Thames river.  I really didn't have any concerns till a car slid a bit at a stop sign and I thought oh that could be bad if one slides into me. 

The office population thinned out as the snow continued.  NYC meetings for Wed were cancelled, due to the snow.  It was nice and quiet in the office, I turned off the lights when I left.

After I got home I took Giz for a walk, to the park where he could perform a little civil disobedience by running leash free!  He was quite pleased to do this.   

Love the park in Westerly!

Wednesday - ZERO - I went to bed Tuesday night feeling like my head was in a vice and my ears plugged, not much improvement Wednesday morning.  Blargh.  I worked, took a couple hour nap, worked some more, moved my car to the street, worked, napped, knitted and went to bed.  Damn. I was not pleased with this turn of events.  I haven't been sick in over a year.  Dave has been and I've dodged the bullet, until now...  damn it.

Reindeer Hat, the first (there is enough yarn for a second)
Thursday - Run 3 / Spin 55 min - With all hopes (hope springs eternal in the mind of a fool to bastardize Alexander Pope - sorry) of this head cold being gone I packed up my gym bag before bed and woke up feeling a little bit better.  I lugged the bag into work.  There would be no running outside, I wanted to but knew I'd feel worse for it.  A couple miles on the treadmill before spin were just fine.   Of course Mike B went outside... now I feel like the wimp!!    I have to remember the reason for my pansy ways, I've got my eye on those 20 miles in the woods on Saturday.

Friday - Zero - I think I felt worse than Thursday...  But I did get a couple packages of summer running clothes in the mail, so that was fun!  

Saturday - 8 - Yeah, the 20 didn't happen.  One lap of Burlingame took me 2 hours.  The Yaktrax worked well, no slipping and sliding.  I was ready to be done with them by the time the last stretch of hard top hit and they fit nicely in my hands, I just had to remember not to try and wipe my snotty nose with them. 

The woods were beautiful and I met up with some nice hikers and their dogs and chatted a bit.  Hey, obviously I'm not out to beat any land speed records, and now I've got my slowest ever Burlingame lap!  Dave had mentioned there was one set of tracks when he rode Burlingame on Friday, there were a couple sets by the time I got out there, but just one lone set for the rock scramble I think this is the Li'l Rhody Rise?  The lens was a bit foggy, but kinda adds mystery to the picture.    

Interesting to see how this person navigated that part of the trail and they were the only tracks for a while (other than those damn bike tires).  I'm always curious how people run certain areas, got a couple answers.  But then it is probably different when there is no snow. 

All in all it was a slog and I kicked myself a bit and then told myself to stop it and just enjoy the experience, and it was a beautiful day.  Even with the cloud cover the woods were bright with all the white snow. I was protected from those 20 MPH winds others running the roads were experiencing.  And it isn't like I spent the week on my victorian fainting couch sighing and bemoaning what should be for what is.  As Scarlett says 'Tomorrow is another day' and there are more days after that.  Well they aren't guaranteed, but hey I'm trying to be positive here!

A deer and I scared each other.  HUGE beautiful buck too. He stopped in the trail, stared, I yelped, he ran.  Whoops.   A biker I met up with was telling me he sees Coyotes near the campground.  The dogs along the trail had impeccable manners, their owners even seemed surprised!  I know I am when mine behave less than abysmally when meeting a new person.

Sunday -  TBD - On the schedule is 8 miles and a deep tissue massage in the afternoon.  A friend hooked me up with a good deal and I figured I'd really appreciate that after a 20 mile run in the woods.  I'll appreciate the treat without the run!

Beth, remembering things don't always go to plan, so go with the flow!

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