Tuesday, March 25, 2014

No need to panic!!

Monday was a rest day for me and ALL I could think about was running.  Rather unusual for me on a Monday.  I kept picturing where I went wrong Sunday (Hi Johnny!) on the Secret Trail/Sammy C intersection (to stay on the Sammy C after the Secret Trail and not go down the Duck Road - that sucked, lots of ducking!) and zigged when I should have zagged or zagged when I should have zigged and wanted to get it right.  Plus running over those domes was pretty cool.  

To quell my desire I spent lunch reading running blogs, the race recaps are so fun love reading about what happens in the front of the pack, and, took a peek on the narrative about the Ice Age 50 50K course.   Section 1:  13 miles out and back on what sounds like typical trails I run, roots and rocks, there will be several climbs (dare I say close to 100 ft), so not so much the climbs. Section 2: 18 miles consisting of two laps of the 9 mile Nordic Loop.  The 1/2 last year was two 6.5 mile loops of the Nordic Trail.  

I’m not that concerned about the Nordic Loop, not to say I’m all cocky oh I can do that in my sleep, it is that I THINK I know what to expect, long flats and a few climbs, over soft pine needles in new and old growth pine forest.  Nirvana? Eden?  Bliss?  

Blissful section of the Nordic Trail

I’ve been studying the 50M elevation profile to figure out which section is the 13 mile out and back section.  So glad this  torture, erm, fun, is first!!
Read it Right to Left AS9 is ~mile 43.3 on the 50M map  AS8 is about mile 47.6.
The last 2.4 is from AS8 to the finish.  Make sense?

The 13 mile out and back is described as:
“From AS 8 you begin your climb of Indian Signal Hill (Bald Bluff on the map) to the highest point on the course.   At the top, enjoy the view and the significance of this Native American spiritual site that (according to settler accounts in the mid-1800′s) attracted Native American peoples from as far away as Illinois and other Wisconsin areas. The very trails you run are the trails used by earlier peoples traveling to this site for centuries.

The terrain from AS 8 to AS 9 is constantly changing. Expect narrow, single track winding up and over hill after hill until you finally reach AS 9. There are some flats; but, they are few and far between. At AS 9, appreciate the hard work by Franny Keyes and other seasoned Ice Age veterans who man this critical aid station. This is your turnaround and you begin your trek back to the finish line at the Nordic Trail for a total of 13 miles.”

Sounds like Burlingame with Arcadia and Lantern Hill for the climbs?  Looking forward to Saturday Crutch!!  I promise not to whine too much!

I also gleened a little bit about the course from this blog:

50 M course (the upper out and back is the 50K out and back and then some)
50K course


Beth, overthinking, not panicking, looking forward to the challenge!  :) 


  1. running geeky talk, wow seeing stars like Chris G and i didnt even hit my head

    1. Har har har, bite me, ;) phtttt...

  2. Hahaha. This blog is all the reasons i love you. ;)

    1. Awww thanks! Love you too!! I SO want to do the midnight bike ride!!!