Friday, April 18, 2014

Weekly Log - Week 17 of 50K Training – Last Long Run

Even though Johnny assures me I could cut back this run and be ok.  I’m still going out Saturday with my eyes on 26 miles, probably will take me damn close to 6 hours in Burlingame, or maybe I’ll try Big River?  If you happen to be there running or riding, please don’t startle me.  Well you could I may shriek like I did at the gardener snake on Shennecosett on Wednesday.  I think I gave the poor little guy a coronary.  Sorry.


Usually a rest day for me but I didn’t run on Sunday so run I did.  Nice 6 miles at a pace I’m quite pleased with.  While Strava gave me an Epic Suffer score, parts felt tough but mostly it felt good and pretty even, and I, me, yes me, even passed someone.  I kept in mind Steve’s counsel on watching his feet to close the gap and slowly the gap closed, I hemmed and hawed, could I pass and keep up the pace?  I did, and said HI,  then it was up the little hill on the back side of UCONN Avery Point which gave me a little burst of energy (going up and into the wind weird, I know) and the space between us grew.  I checked back a couple times and satisfied I could maintain I went on my merry way.   The wind was at my back for the last 2 miles and that was nice.  

TRX was good I may need more work on my obliques.  The plank oblique crunches kicked my hips, huh…  more my right than left, then again my right has been sore for a little while.  I’ve been using the foam roller more religiously and that seems to be helping too.  So maybe it’s a combination of things.  It is a little early in the training process to be obsessing over a twinge, isn’t it?  Hmm, maybe not, 3 weeks till the race/run.  Step away from the panic button, step away from the panic button. 


It rained like a MoFo.   Work went bazonkers.  I got to spin class with minutes to spare, Ro took one look at me and said "You need this."  No shit.  Finally something I was in control of.  Yippiee!!   I figured I’d run Bluff Point after Spin class…  I got to the parking lot and sat for a few minutes it was relentlessly raining kind of in waves.  Do I really want to do this, do I really want to get that wet?  Wimp… I went home and Dave and I took turns chasing Jax around the house, the dogs were a little stir crazy with the rain.  Apparently there was just enough of a break to scoop poops in the back yard, thankfully.  


Seems like this is the windiest day of the week, and it was a little chilly.  Gloves would have been nice but I was able to pull the arms of my second long sleeved shirt over my hands and that helped, and also hid my watch.  Knowing I’d be half into the wind and half with the wind at my back it was good to not obsess over my pace. I could feel the vibration and hear the beep.  WHEN did that damn thing start beeping?  James noticed it during Big River and I kept saying but I turned that off, it wasn’t till I connected the vibrating of the watch and the beeping I thought I was randomly hearing that I thought, oh I must have turned it back on?  But then as I sit here and type this and think about the last couple runs where Pete would ask what mile we were at he did mention he could hear my watch beep.  Huh…  apparently I have tuned this out much like Dave can tune out me when I tell him dinner is ready and 15 minutes later he meanders through the kitchen wondering if we were planning on eating dinner. 

I decided to run out and back on Shenecosett, it is ‘in-land’ meaning not right on the water.  Mike B usually runs this route when it is windy.  I headed back to campus at an intersection after my watch vibrated (and beeped) 2 x, to get in 4 miles.  If I’m going to run why bother with anything less than 3 or 4 miles, right?  The wind at my back was great, and I knew to enjoy it because 17 MPH coming straight at me the opposite way was going to suck, but not as much as if I was running by the water (NNW wind).  A group of guys were running into the wind with that same look I must have had on my face last week when they were the ones running with smiles with the wind at their back and I was the one running with the wind in my face.  I’m sure I had that dopey, oh this feels nice smile on my face too…  wind at my back and a slight downhill, what could be better?  

Maybe it is the dread of the running into the wind that was worse than actually running into the wind?  It wasn’t too horrific and I kicked myself a little for not running all the way down to Jupiter Point to get in a full 5 miles.  

For Connie so she knows what I'm talking about with my route!!

This was also my last Swimming Lesson.  800 yards, with breaks.  I have come a long way and have a long way to go.  I'm pleased with my progress and will aim to get in a solo swim time once a week for a while and maybe sign up for another class when I feel more confident.  I have plenty of drills to work on and know where I need improvement.  Thing is with running I did that on my own and in the dark and off hours with no witnesses, so only I know where I was to where I am now, and what it took to get here.  Swimming isn't exactly a solo thing, there are always going to be people around and I just have to get in the water and practice, with people.  Will I try a Sprint Tri?  I might, I did put one on my race list... we shall see where I get with my confidence level.  As my Uncle Charlie said "Beth if you do a tri and you aren't going to win, get in the water last, it sucks getting kicked in the head."  My family is priceless.  


So glad this is school vacation week for so many people and Passover and Easter so the number of people actually at work dwindled all week, I was finally getting my arms around a new project and slowly emerging from a battle over what constitutes the appropriate level of approval for a major change to a finance policy.  

Spin class followed by a nice 3.6 mile loop around Bluff Point (nearly forgot that L again).  My speed on the last down hill on the fire road was enough to grant me a QOM (Queen of the Mountain - for those not into the Strava lingo).  Whoop!   It is fun to wizz down that hill and also a little scary, if the gravel is loose or I kick a rock I've skidded to a stop face first, and well that kinda sucks.  So I try and keep it in control. Anything goes after the Ice Age 50 so maybe I'll see how fast I really can go?


Nada, nice easy day at work, not too many people in a couple things to cue up for next week and then lunch with the girls and a massage from Amy of the pointy elbows.  The pain in my right hip is pretty much gone, there was some stuff pretty bound up in my hip.  She did say she could tell that I'd been using the foam roller and stretching but what the heck was up with my calves, they had never been that knotty before.  Hmmmm  maybe that is why I've been getting charlie horses when I'm swimming?  

Beth ready for tomorrow's last long run...


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    1. It was grand, truly grand. I always think of your words: "Just keep running" in the back of my mind. It isn't about pace it is about enjoyment. Thank you!!