Thursday, May 1, 2014

Weekly Log - 3/28/14 - 5/4/14

Weekly Log – April 28th – May 4th  (Star Wars day – May the Force be with you, ha ha, get it?  Or Neil Young “Ohio”)

I’m a little loopy this week so I’ll go with the goofy rather than the sad…

I hear and read all about taper crazies, ok, so maybe I bought into it a little bit plus it gives me an excuse to do stranger things than normal.    But seriously not running 8 continuous miles on Sunday was weird.  George Ross took pictures at the finish line of the RI Foot Pursuit and of the two this was my favorite.  Shoes off the ground, whoop!  I’ve been instructed this should be the new pic on my blog.  Ok fine…  My mother said I looked very serious and tired, moms like to worry don’t they?

Speaking of moms, my mom has been excelling in her pulmonary rehab, bike, treadmill, rowing machine.  Her therapist is very impressed with her flexibility and strength, 40 years of yoga will do that for a person! A few weeks after starting rehab, her big accomplishment was not to get winded on the walk from the lobby to the therapy room.  Now she takes walks around the farm. It will be so nice to join her on these walks when I visit, like we did when she was first diagnosed.  She is regaining fitness. The hardest part for her was to admit she had lost it to begin with.   

So what have I been up to this week?

Monday – TRX

TRX was good.  Ella decided that we should cancel class on the 5th so we could celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  She presented a pretty compelling argument, and my only disagreement was she didn't invite me!  Once that was fixed I was fine with cancelling class. 

Tuesday – 4 and Spin

Had enough time for 4 (actually could have squeezed in 5, my legs were speedy) before spin.  But it was nice to have the time to sit on the spin bike and just pedal away.  Something kind of therapeutic about pedaling.  Caught up with one of the gals from the pole dancing, erp, Aerial Arts, class Friday night.  She too had sore arms and core and some nice bruises.  Ok good.  It hurt to cough later on on Sunday night and I did figure out why the inside of my left knee was hurting.  A nice bruise developed!  

Wednesday – nada

The only saving grace to this day was that it was packed with meetings and I didn't have time to dwell on the big fat old 0 on my training plan.  Plus Nicole was coming over in the evening so Dave could tinker with her loaner bike to help it fit better and then we’d go out for beer and pretzel sammiches!  The dogs were their usual overwhelming greeting committee.  Nicole didn't seem the least phased by them or my never ever going to be neat and tidy house.  I've given up caring, mostly, about my inabilities as a housekeeper.  It is a good thing I work full time because I’d make a horrible housewife!

Dave straightened and pushed the seat a little forward and immediately Nicole said it felt better!  I figured a couple little things could help make her more comfortable with the bike a friend loaned her.  A super sweet Scott bike too, carbon frame…  Dave had her put her shoes on and helped get the seat height right.  Two little tweaks 15 minutes and she was much happier.  He talked with her about one other adjustment, a shorter stem and pointed out what the stem was. (She will go to Stedmans, way better customer service!)  She was grateful someone pointed out what the part was because no one had but kept talking about getting a shorter one.    I’m anxious to hear how her ride went. 

Nicole is training for her first Triathlon.  She won an entry in to the newest RI ½ Iron Man – Rhode Warrior, by naming the race!  Super cool!  I had no idea that was the name she sent in when I voted for Rhode Warrior.  This is an event being put on by TriMom – super awesome company and group of people.    Taking on a ½ iron man as your first tri is a little daunting.  I’m a little scared for her, and will do whatever I can to support her!!  She has two sprint tris as experiments to see if this is even a possibility.    She is confident on the running part, ok with the biking part and iffy on the swimming part. 

Nicole’s big ask was to find out if I’d be willing to do training rides with her, specifically on the race course as she is not at all familiar with the roads.  Absolutely!!  I think I may ride more this summer and run a little less, especially if it is supposed to be so freaking hot and humid.  While I've tossed around committing to a big race in the fall, I may not.  I am thoroughly enjoying only having a few big things on my calendar and not a race or two every weekend. 

Thursday – 6

Oh finally I can run!  Got so excited to go to the gym I forgot to grab the bright shirt I threw in my purse, (went back for it) the weather has been rainy and foggy and I don’t want to get smashed by a car in dark clothes.  Dave and I had a long discussion on the visibility of bikers and runners on the roads.   It makes me so frustrated to see people in dark clothes on bikes or on foot.  You may be able to see the car but the texting driver may not be able to see you!!  It isn't a guarantee but after reading an article where the woman killed a biker and injured two others is suing the family of the young boy she killed it reinforced to me my responsibilities being on the road with cars.  She said the three boys were not visible and had they been visible she would not have hit them and killed the one boy and now have the emotional distress she has now.  I think blaming the victim is insane.   Hopefully I never get involved in an accident but for sure there isn't going to be a claim, it was dark/foggy/rainy and I couldn't see her as an excuse for the person killing or injuring me!

Ran into, well nearly ran into Mike B as I was leaving the locker room.  Quick hello / good bye / nice picture / stop cyber stalking / see you out there and I was off, so happy to be running more than 3 miles!  It felt great, I didn't have huge plans on pace, and didn't check my watch much, ran by feel and it all felt good.  Never did see Mike B, but I did take a stroll into one of the neighborhoods he runs in. 

Friday - walking with Ro, Don suggested we ask Mike B to be the token male...  ha!  

Saturday - Bike ride?

Sunday - Cox Rhode Races 1/2 Marathon.  This is my vendetta race.  I 'ran' it the first time in 2011 (3:28), then actually ran it with a respectable 2:17 in 2012, missed 2013, and back again in 2014.  I'm aiming for something under 2:30, why stress myself out?  I have a  big deal race on the 10th!  Guess it all depends on how I feel.  

Beth, happy the sore inside of her knee is because of a damn pole and not a tear!


  1. Have a good race on Sunday. Don't wear yourself out for Ice Age!

    1. Wise words indeed Mr. Acton! Thank you. I will try my best!

  2. Thank you and Dave again for tweaking my bike. I will get the stem taken care of this week and hope we are good to go! I can't wait to ride with you!