Tuesday, June 3, 2014

SkirtSports 1/2 Marathon - Recap

For the second Monday in a row I ran long (I define long as 10 miles or more).  A few weeks ago Nicole posted about #runcelebration, a virtual half marathon hosted by SkirtSports.  

Background:  This was the second year SportSkirts held an actual 1/2 marathon in Colorado supporting their SkirtSports Kick Start Program.  They got an overwhelming response from the rest of the country who couldn't get to Colorado and support this great cause, they offered a virtual option.  

A little bit about the Skirt Sports Kick Start Program:

"Our Cause: Skirt Sports Kick Start Program
Kick Start is a women's beginner running program founded by Skirt Sports. We pair Beginners - women who want to start running but can't due to their barriers to fitness - with Personal Motivators - women who have found strength, confidence, freedom and more through running. The Beginners' barriers include health problems, family crises, weight issues, financial difficulties and more. Skirt Sports pairs these women with empathetic Personal Motivators who act as mentors while they guide and support the beginners through an 8-week training program that culminates in their first 5k - and transforms them along the way.

Skirt Sports provides the runners with a training program, running apparel, nutrition advice, free entries to their first 5k, and most importantly, support of other women who have been there before. Many of our graduates go on to become Personal Motivators - the power to give back is so strong! We are proud to have helped so many women change their lives and move down a more positive path - with the strength and courage they found through running.

The current Kick Start chapter is training for the Skirt Sports 5k on June 1. Currently, each chapter of Kick Start costs approximately $1,500. Our goal is to contribute to the next chapter through our Virtual Racers - it's your way of giving back!"

Nicole had a plan, her usual Monday morning run with the gals (once the kids were on the school bus) would mean a big chunk of the 13.1 wouldn't be solo and dangled a discount code to the rest of us, sweet!  Slowly one by one nearly all the gals committed to 13.1 and signed up for the virtual race.  Despite my loner runner ways I was up for a group run, it would mean a little finagling of the work schedule. (Muddy, Lori thanks you for letting her know where I really was for my 3 hour meeting on Monday a.m. lemme know if I can return the favor some day! ha ha). 

The course would be two laps of the usual route through Narragansett with a 3.1 mile intermission between laps to run with a new runner. Perfection.  

The course, two laps and an out and back then a little pigtail at the top to get me the extra 1/2 mile I 'lost'

The first few miles things were not clicking, oh this isn't good.  Time to switch focus from how I felt to catching up with the gals I haven't talked to since we ran together on Thursday nights last summer/fall.  Doubts, get into the back seat (and no messing around like teenagers - we don't need you multiplying)!!  My other oops:  I managed to turn off my watch trying to switch from bike to run mode and lost 1/2 mile, damn...  Great to catch up with everyone.  It was a long winter, for sure.

The 13.1 gals!

Right on time we finished the first lap meeting up with Tara for 3.1 miles out and back along the water, well a quick stop at Bethany's for a bathroom break - THANK YOU BETHANY!  That quick water and GU Chomp break seemed to revive me.  I felt much better coming back to the gazebo this time.  Ok I can do this, it is only 5 more miles, well 5.5 for me due to the watch screw up.  I was certainly not stopping short!!

We all took off and I was in the tail, fine to be back there, not moving very swiftly, keeping my eyes on the gals ahead of me.  Nicole slowed up and hung back with me.  We laughed at the change of roles, she got to drag me along for the last 5 miles!!  No making excuses, simply stating, we are supposed to enjoy this so enjoy it, damn it!  

We remembered our numbers!

My favorite part was along the country club road where Nicole and I talked about marriage and relationships and she asked why I wanted to get married since kids were never a goal of mine.  Love this question!  Such a great conversation.  I think it was about a year ago she asked me along that same part of the route why I didn't have kids.  (You'll have to run with me if you really want to know, ha!)

When we got back to the cars Jenn was the trooper who went with me for the last 1/2 mile.  So sweet and so appreciated!!

Beautiful day to run by the ocean!

So there you go, starting the week off with 13.1 and another week of breaking my Monday active rest day protocol.  It was for a good cause and some sweet swag!!

Kudos to Bethany, Tara, and Mary who were out for most of the 13.1!!

Beth, who probably won't be running next Monday, but who knows maybe it is time to turn over a new leaf!

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  1. Fantastic recap! I haven't even started mine! Loved running with you and all the girls. It was a great time. I love our conversations and I love that some of them are reserved for running.