Thursday, July 31, 2014

Weekly Recap 7/28 - 8/3

Monday – Dog Walk 1.9

My legs felt kinda heavy from the Blessing?  Not really sure.  I didn't bike hard at all on Saturday (26 miles - I never did update last weeks recap) and was a slug on Sunday after volunteering at the Crabman Sprint Tri. So not really sure what my deal was Monday.  I wasn't that busy at work.  Quiet Mike B.

Yeah, volunteering for Crabman, I do like volunteering, it is fun to watch the competitors and to cheer on the ones I recognize. Also looking for people helps keep my mind occupied.  The weather reports were saying it was going to be miserable rainy on Sunday and it wasn't until the afternoon.  Thank you to the weather gods for small favors.

Nice quick stroll with Gizmo. Dave was a little perturbed with the delay in the start of the evening TV watching.  He wanted to finish up the last 3 episodes of season 3 of Game of Thrones and I have actually been paying attention so I wanted him to wait.  We managed to finish them up.  There were some good episodes and some rather weak ones.  Will be interesting to see what season 4 holds.  Shhhhh don’t tell.  We won’t see it until it is released on DVD and we can check it out of the library.

Oh fishing report.  Dave went fishing on Saturday, he and Jim netted 10 legal Fluke, Dave 7 Jim 3.  I didn't pull any further data out of Dave, other than Jim got the bulk of the haul.  He does own the boat after all!  We enjoyed a nice fluke dinner on Monday night!

Tuesday -   Run 5.5  / Dog Walk 1.2

Dave’s birthday.  Yes, my imaginary husband has a birthday.  Why I made him a Leo is still a mystery to me.  Since he didn't want anything frivolous there was no present, just dinner out.  Plum Tomato in Colchester.   Yes a 45 minute drive for pizza, and it is so worth it!  Works for me.

New shoes on my lunch run, trying the Asics Nimbus, they are stability versus my usual stability + shoe.   Found a past model year on sale and I’ll give them a whirl and see what happens.  They come in more colors than my Kayanos which is one reason to try something new and the other one is to just try something new.  I liked the shoes didn't really notice any difference from my regular ones.  My legs felt heavy, residual Blessing or my slothfulness from the past two days?  Doubtful it had anything to do with the shoes.

Wednesday -   Walk w/Ro 2.6 /  Westerly fun run – one lap 1 mile / Bike to/from fun run 10 miles / Dog walk 2.8

Stepped up the activity level.  I was going to bike into work; I was a little concerned with 36 miles on the bike especially after my legs felt so heavy on the run yesterday.  Better to give them a little break and just bike to the fun run to get out on the bike.

Met up with Ro for a walk, sorry Mike B, we didn't hear you whistling at us, again.  Obviously we need our ears checked.

Biked out to the fun run, figuring I could pick up my shirt and run, maybe.  Well my reading comprehension is fairly poor and the shirts weren't expected to be in until August 6th, not expected to be picked up by August 6th.  Ran a mile lap 9:02, not my best effort, certainly not my worst effort.   Really a shame to waste the great weather for a run with only a mile, it was fun to cheer people in as they finished the full 5K.  I did feel peppy for the bike ride home.  Jeff asked what my excuse was for only running the mile.  I had a list, he didn't have time for the whole list so I settled on “I’m lazy”.

The weather was dry and cool and perfect for a nice long walk with Gizmo.  He was quite energetic and just kept turning away from home so we kept on going.  Dave did call (I keep the ringer off on the phone most times and missed the call - setting in even more panic I guess)  to see if everything was ok, he thought we were gone longer than we were.  We both worry about our geriatric Gizzy.  I assured him all was fine as I discovered Dave walking towards us on the sidewalk to see if he could find us.  Whoops!

Thursday -  0 (well 20 bazillion trips up and down the stairs packing, checking lists, finding things)

Figure I should rest up for this two days on the bike?    Plus packing and obsessively watching the weather, 50% chance of rain Sat and Sun, takes up a bit of time.  I think of it this way:  Cancer isn't easy and this ride shouldn't be easy.

Friday  -  Not sure

Saturday  – Pan Mass Challenge, Wellesley to Bourne 84 miles 

Sunday – Pan Mass Challenge, Bourne to Provincetown 80 miles

Beth, feeling like a sloth...  although not quite as fuzzy or funny as Sid.

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