Saturday, August 30, 2014

Roger Schoning 5K - Recap

August 29th was my last day of 1/2 day Fridays, official, 1/2 day Fridays.  I'm sure there will be a few I sneak out early...  I'm a rebel like that.  Plus I'm exhausted by Friday and focus goes out the window around noon.

The usual routine of grocery shopping and getting the text from Dave with what we needed from the grocery store when I walked in the house.  I got most of what we needed.  I'm never here, how do I know what we need.  There is diet coke, JD, and peanut butter so I'm set...  (we may have uncovered the root of my weight problem, ha ha)  he seems to need things like oatmeal, half and half, and coffee (ewwww).  I unloaded the groceries, wandering down to the shop to note I missed several items.  He said "Yeah I heard you walk in the door as I sent the text."  Brilliant.

Friday afternoons were made for napping and nap I did.  Two hours, it was bliss. Pulled over an ottoman so Giizzy could curl up with me and Jax snuggled in at the crook of my knees.  Bliss...  Dave didn't have any noisy equipment running in the basement (oops I'm in New England, cellar) double bliss.

6:00 race start with the kids race starting at 5:30.  I love watching the kids run, they are too cute.  No I don't want any.  I ran down from my house to the YMCA, 0.5 miles, downhill, decent warm up.  Saw Mike B, did another run around the block.  Jibber jabbered with Michelle and Phil.  Watched the kids run.  Talked to Chris a bit.  

We were off.  Wasn't really feeling anything, just a nice night for a run.  Traffic was very much under control, thanks to the Westerly PD! I zipped along intending on a 9:30 pace which will get me under 30 minute 5K.  At this point that is my goal, sub 30.  I know what I need to do for that and ran as I wanted to.  Much to my surprise.

As an aside: On New Year's Day run from Esker Point to Mystic I said I might need to drop back on a hill and Steve said, "Watch the feet of the person in front of you, you will get into their pace and keep it and close the gap."  That helped keep me at pace on that day and this time on this pancake flat course got me in pace and able to close the gap and pass, always saying something encouraging as I passed.  I pinged off 10 people.  Stupendous for me.  Thank you Steve.

I finished in 29:42. (2012 was 29:46)  Now it is time to work on sub 29 and determine the pacing required for that.  Slowly I'll get back to my 27:27 PR on the Mews course of all places!!  That's how it works right? Set a goal and work towards it...

Full results here.  WTAC cleaned up over all and in the age groups!  Great job guys and gals!!

I see progress:

2012:  29:46 (9:36 pace | 103/129 | 14/19 div)
2014:  29:42  (9:35 pace | 85/131 | 12/18 div)

This was a good race for me, I got past that or at least made friends with my I hate 5Ks demon.  I think I like longer runs because it gives me the ability to be lazy.  I'm not really sure.  What I do know though is I love the feeling of a long run, I definitely get euphoric and goofy and very much enjoy that feeling.  Usually happens after mile 5 for me. 

Beth, feeling far more positive this year than last year...

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