Thursday, August 14, 2014

Weekly Recap - 8/11 - 8/17

Monday – Run 5 / Bike 5 / Walk 1

I don’t usually have the opportunity to run on Monday, this Monday was different.  I was able to run and it was awesome!  Well other than being snubbed by Mike B.    It was hot and dry, so much better than hot and humid.  Soon the running weather I love best will be here, patience, patience, patience.  This run felt good, finally.  I think the PMC took a bit more out of me than I had expected.

TRX was cancelled, I took the opportunity to go to the grocery store and when I got home discovered Dave was out and about and I had about 30 minutes to burn.  Took a quick bike ride and made it home with time to cook some dinner, ok boil water for the corn I picked up at the grocery store.   Still it required turning on the burner!

Tuesday – Walk 4/Run 2 /Rock climb

Tuesday was a team building day at the Sports Center in Chelsea Piers in Manhattan.  

I walked from GCT to Chelsea Piers, always love a nice 5K walk in the city.   Couple miles on an indoor climate controlled track at the Sports Center.  OMG that was absolute bliss!!

Team building was good fun, not the most athletic of groups and I was so surprised by everyone getting involved and participating!  I do work with a great group of people.  The highlight of the day, for me, was rock climbing.  Oh yeah, and actually catching a football!

Wednesday  -  Run 6.2

Ran a 5k for lunch and then after work.  Surprisingly consistent on my pacing.  I was a little beat from a long day on Tuesday and yet pretty charged up as it was a very successful and fun day.  Nice to run with Jennifer and keep each other motivated and honest.  

Thursday – Run 3.1 / Walk 2.7

Perfect running weather today and I couldn't pass it up!!  Totally left my space watch at my desk, turned on Strava and never turned on the GPS, oh well nice to be gadget-less for a 5K.

Gizzy has been neglected lately, so we had a nice long walk in the cool evening air.  

Friday – 5K walk

Took full advantage of a compressed work week and working from home.  I'll pay for this on Monday, when I am in catch up mode.  HOWEVER, a morning of eMail serenaded by the whirring and carving of the CNC machine in the basement was followed by lunch with the girls then a pedi afterwards.  Delightful.  Took a nice long nap when I got home.  Long dog walk with the Giz rounded out my rest day nicely.

Saturday – Bike 26  (probably a dog walk)

I wanted one last climb up Pendleton Hill on the Rhode Warrior course.  For some reason this particular climb has been weighing heavy on my mind.  So that was what I set out to do, climb it and put that angst behind me.  Done and dusted and feeling more positive about that section of the course. 

Dave is off to ride the Hampshire 100, packing put the dogs in an absolute tizzy, Jax looks on the verge of tears, Giz ralphed, Gus can't get out of his own way.   Should be a fun couple of days for me.  I think he will do fine.  He figures he was sore for a week after the 74 mile ride and well another 26 he will be more sore, so he grabbed some Vitamin I.  Knocked me on my back foot, he rarely touches the stuff.  Better to be prepared, right?  Can't wait to hear about his adventure.  I think I'm more excited about it than he is!!!  

Sunday – Run  10K (maybe an easy bike later in the day)

Blah run, I thought about 10, and then decided on 10K.  Thankful for the portapotties in the park for the Shakespeare play.

I need to raise the seat on my bike and clean the chain.  I think my knee issue is a combo of repetition and seat height.  They felt fine on the run, a little pain on the inside of the left knee, I really need to follow Mike B's advice and tape it.  I listen, I don't always act.

Beth, who's knees are a little less angry with her, and feeling ho hum... (which is about right 2 weeks post PMC) 

posted: 8/14
updated: 8/16  & 8/17

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