Thursday, August 21, 2014

Weekly Recap 8/18 - 8/24

Um, wow, what have I been up to…

Dave arrived home Monday afternoon from his 100 mile mountain biking adventure, tired and grouchy so I’ve been making myself scarce around the house.  I figured he was better healing and recovering in peace, I know that is my preference.  

Monday – TRX / Dog Walk 2.4

Working from home in the morning until I absolutely had to go into the office for a web based meeting.  With my luck the internet would crap out mid meeting and well that would just be, well bad.  Besides Dave would most likely arrive the moment I had to speak on the call and the background noise of barking would be, well bad.

When I got home I surveyed the piles of dirty biking clothes, filthy bike, tent, quilts, and air mattress.  Wonder who is going to put all that stuff away?  It’s like that episode of Everybody Loves Raymond where Deborah tripped over the suit case Ray left on the landing on the stair case.  And Dave all curled up on the couch grumbling.  Oh lovely…

Tuesday – Battle of Stonington 5K / Dog Walk 1.8 / Walk with the Usual Suspects 2.9

Race day!  After work races aren’t really a favorite, I’ve run this one the last three years, and the weather looked to be perfect, low humidity and temps with a water breeze. 

I was tired all day, back to being away from 3 – 5 a.m. yippee…

Ran into Gazelle pinning on his number and he pretended to ignore me.  Yeah, I so totally didn’t see him and the other WTAC guys on their bikes or hear my name being shouted on Sunday.  I was off in my own little world, hopefully not singing out loud to the song playing.  No one needs to hear that.

Jennifer appeared out of nowhere and we went to pick up bibs and shirts and just like that she disappeared and then reappeared after my warm up run to and from the car.  There were 4 other  Red Felters there, we lined up in the back, well I stopped to say HI to Buzz Light Year and his wife, and his wife chuckled with the shout out of  “Hey Buzz” and Buzz muttered something under his breath.  He totes looks like Buzz  Light Year.  So I lost the gals, again.  

Now was time to figure out how I wanted this race to play out.   My past results had been in the 29 minute range so that seemed kind of a gimme. Goals:  A:  Sub 29  B: Sub 30  C: don’t die.  I hemmed and hawed about music or not and decided on just replaying Eminem’s Till I Collapse, that would keep me around a 9:30 pace.  I stuck to that until the point Jennifer caught up with me and I didn't click the song back, then she stopped and then I remembered my strategy.  And rewound (is that even a thing anymore with digital music) back to that song and picked up the pace a bit.    I also remembered to pick a target person to chase.  Ka (finish time:  28:40) was this target, she keeps a very steady pace and I just kept her in my sights.  I lost a little bit of time towards the end when she took off and my legs weren't having much of that.

Happily finishing a 29:08 on the Garmin and 29:11 per SNERO (9:25 pace).  Results here.  I’ll take it.  Wonder if I lost 11 seconds hamming it up for Lisa and Ro’s cameras?  Possibly. Possibly not.  Sometimes just seeing a friendly face, hearing a cheer, or a car horn beep helps boost the energy, agree?

Had a quick beer and a nice chat with Lisa and then Gazelle and scampered home to the grouch and quick zipped off to give Gizzy his walk.  I never did manage to find time to shower before bed.  Ick…

Wednesday – Bike 26 / Dog Walk 2.6

Jennifer and I were going to meet up and run the Tom McCoy 5K course and then the mile and those plans fell through.  She let me know just as I was taking the first bite of my lunch so there would be no midday run – I learned that lesson once.  Left work a little early and got out on the bike.  I raised the seat up just a bit maybe ¼ of an inch and felt a difference.  When I got back from my rounds my knees didn't ache like they had been, so I’m calling it good.  I did some flats and some minor hills, all in all a nice night for a ride.  Now if I could just remember what I did with my damn sunglasses.  I took them off shoved them in a helmet vent and usually I put them in my purse or the mail basket – they weren't in either place.  I liked those glasses too.  Had to dig through the glove box to find a pair for this a.m., nice either the bedazzled ones or the 1970s cover up my face huge ones, ugh…

Long ago Gizmo found $5 on one of our walks.  Mid spring I took him to Dairy Queen  to have some vanilla ice cream with his loot.   He had enough change for another trip so we went last night – yeah full on avoidance of being home.  Seriously if Dave would have listened to some of my advice he would be feeling a heck of a lot better, but no… what do I know about endurance anything…  sheesh...

Gizzy was a bit hit at the DQ, lots of questions on his age and if he was getting his own ice cream and would he eat it all at once.  Well he is old, and we share a small vanilla and if he ate it all at once he might get a brain freeze and that might be a bad thing.  He was nearly perfectly behaved.  Didn't try and lick the ice cream cones in the little kids hands, let everyone pet him, and cleaned up some errant peanuts on the floor.  It was hard to get him to focus, he is nearly deaf and has a mind of his own, and can be damn near immovable if he wants to be.  He had most of the ice cream and some water and was happy to trot back home.  He was quite pleased with this walk.

I do watch as he has some problems with his hips and his legs aren't getting the right signals and he does some funny steps.  We are sure the walks continue to be good for him keeping up his strength and giving him his much desired special attention, yeah and a treat every great once in a while.

Thursday – Run 4.1 / Dog Walk 1.8

Dave woke up in a much more pleasant mood, I may go home on time tonight!

Holy humidity, at least the temperature was just in the 70s with an ice breeze on the run out (the run back it was at my back).  Put on my new Kayano 20s.  I do love that shoe.  The experiment with the Nimbus is going well, I like them.  When I put on my favorites (well the next model up) my feet sang, it was weird; probably mental.  The run was tough, felt like I was hauling a sled with a good deal of weight in it.    My feet were happy in their favorite shoes.  It will be interesting to run in them for a week and see how I feel in the Nimbus.   There is another experiment waiting in a shoe box, I don’t think I need three shoes in rotation but I just might try it and see how I like the GT1000s.  

Friday – Not sure / dog walk

My Friday night knitting group is having a pop up fiber fest!  I’m so happy to be able to see these gals and knit with them again, it has been since April!!  I’m pretty sure, April.  I did see a few at the Tuesday night fun runs and we talked running / walking / knitting.  

Saturday – Not sure – maybe just an easy run, not sure what I should or shouldn't do pre bike race.  Probably biking isn't a good idea.

Sunday – Bike as part of a ½ Ironman relay team

I’m not really sure how to prep or taper or what for this bike race, or really a ride where I push myself to go faster.  It will be so fun to experience a tri from the inside.  I've marshaled at 3 but that doesn't really give much of a perspective.

I’m also not sure if I should bike to the race or drive, it is less than 5 miles from the house…  I’ll probably drive.  My quandary is because Vinnie has decided he won’t let his trunk be open from the outside so I have to use the emergency release lever on the inside.  I need to get a piece of string to tie to it so I don’t have to crawl into the trunk, that will be difficult with the bike in there (been there done that, already know how much it sucks).   I’ll take him to the shop to see about this issue, I've tried the remedies I've found on line and nothing. Grrrrr…  thinking SUV for my next vehicle, just not sure what either Ford, Volkswagen, or BMW.  I do miss my Explorer that was a handy vehicle for sure.

Beth, being summoned for a walk.


  1. There are suitcases sometimes at my house too. They're tough to see. Almost invisible.

    1. Eventually they just become part of the decor!

  2. Good luck on Sunday! Look for my wife, she's a flagger somewhere on the course.

    1. Great! I'll try and look for her!!