Thursday, August 7, 2014

Weekly Recap 8/4 - 8/10

Monday - TRX / Dog Walk 2.7

Feeling a little sluggish after quite a memorable weekend, that will go down as one of the best in 2014.

TRX was tough, my knees were not happy with me.  I think it is just the repetitiveness of 164 miles on the bike not any other type of issue.  I didn't put my all into the work out nor did I just go through the motions.  Definitely felt better physically, however I wasn't feeling much of anything on Tuesday afternoon, when the DOMS sets in.  Feh, we have weeks like that.

Tuesday - Walk 3 / Run 3

Lunch walk with the Usual Suspects (or Hewey, Dewey and Lewey - ha ha Mike B) catch up on the weekends activities.  Damn was it muggy out there. Ro and I agreed to leave before the 6:15 start for the Dog Watch fun run.  Her hammie is still complaining and I had no idea how my legs would react to running. 

We did the full 3.1 walking a little the first lap.  Turned into somewhat of a progression run for us, and in the appropriate way, going faster mile by mile, instead of my usual regression runs of late.

Awesome game of father daughter Jenga on the dock.  So cool!

Wednesday - Run 5

Solo run, it was miserable, the weather is horrible and hot, I really prefer the cooler and dryer temperatures.Thankfully the wind was off the water and the first half was nice and breezy, almost windy in spots. 

Met up with a girlfriend at the latest place in Mystic Red 36, to watch the Morgan sail back to the Mystic Seaport.  Very cool.  The dichotomy of the old wooden whaling ship against all of the modern power boats. 

Cleaned and lubed my bike.  Yowza it was a mess.  Lots of road grime.  The chain that thanked me for a good cleaning by not squeaking and shifting cleanly.  Probably should have had it greased at one of the rest stops along the PMC route. 

Thursday -  10K (Strava challenge - check)

I was going to bike into work, the weather has shifted to dryer, thankfully.  Not really feeling the Mystic Hills at the moment and I do want to give it a good go on Saturday morning when I bike the Rhode Warrior course.  Excuses excuses...  some day I will come up with a good one!!

Friday - Massage / Walk 1.5

It has been too long since I indulged in the luxury of a massage.  It was wonderful.  

Quick walk with Gizmo, really would have preferred to nap...  it is Friday after all!

Saturday - Bike 30 / Walk 2.4 

Dave wants to stay off the road bike until after the Hampshire 100 (8/17).  I was looking forward to resuming out Saturday rides.  The residual soreness from his 74 mile mountain bike ride on Sunday is still hanging in there.  Mostly IT band issues.  To the point he actually started using the foam roller, bitching about it however using it.  Looked like quite the epic ride he and several others took.  They covered a lot of ground (ha ha) from Big River out to Patchaug and back...

I was going to bike the Rhode Warrior course, woke up feeling crappy and stuffy.  Dave was up and out by 3:30 a.m. to go striper fishing off  Block Island, or something like that.   Or maybe he and Jim were watching strippers, I get confused...  in any event he said the day was a bust.  He caught the only fish (no word on the strippers, but he left a stack of 1's on the table so that mustn't of went well either).    The dogs had no intention on letting me sleep past 7.  I fed them and crawled back in bed, maybe they'd let me sleep now?  Hmm riding in the rain last weekend may be to blame?  Fiddle farted around and decided I either needed to clean the house (I could knit another dog with the amount of hair on the floor) or do something. 

Dave doe this 30 mile route from time to time and it is pretty flat so what the hell.  Nice to ride in the sun for sure.  Low wind, no break neck speed, even on some of the easier parts.  A nice couple hour pedal. 

Manged to lift a layer of dog hair off of everything.  It has been a few weeks since I vacuumed, yes I am a terrible housekeeper, this should be nothing new to anyone.  I simply don't care.  The bathrooms and kitchen are clean and sanitary, I don't give much of a crap about the dog hair bunnies...  

Sunday - Bobby Doyle 5 Miler

I'm falling down the slippery slope of races again.  This is local and for a good cause.  Better excuse?

I'll update in a separate post. 

Beth,  working towards hitting that weekly running goal and pondering if hiring someone to vacuum and dust would be worth it..

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  1. Have a great race tomorrow! I will be thinking of you. Yes, hire someone to vacuum and dust!