Thursday, September 18, 2014

Weekly Recap - 9/15 - 9/21 - Final

Monday  - TRX  / 2.8 dog walk

Back to the usual TRX routine.  OUCH!

Moose (the rabbit) was neutered.  We all wondered if Joy bought him some tiny frozen peas so he could put them on his crotch....  ha ha ha... yeah that is probably only funny to women.  Hopefully this will calm him down.

Gizzy was in rare form, having his usual Sunday routine of pizza crusts and a tromp through fields on Sunday night interrupted by Jax's recovery.  He would have walked longer, I finally had to call it quits.

The story on Jax:  Thursday a.m. Jax's stomach flipped.  Not a good thing.  Dave got him to the local vet, x-ray confirmed the suspicion and off to Ocean State Veterinary hospital.  He was released late on Friday.  Talking to a vet friend she said usually the stomach flips after bed time and the dog never wakes up.  We were lucky.  Although in the back of my mind I wonder if this is the start of the 2 year clock we had with Diesel and Sage.  Jax turns 4 this month, surely 6 is far to young?

2 days post recovery and someone wants to play!
Recuperation is a lot of rest for two weeks and feeding every couple hours because his stomach is sensitive having to be un-flipped and then tacked to the inside of his abdomen so it doesn't happen again.  He is a trooper.  At least this is easier than the surgery he had at 8 months old putting his busted leg back together.  This is how he ended up with us.  He was supposed to be a short term medical foster three years ago.

Tuesday - Run 5.5 / Walk 2.7

Ran in to Steve in front of the Firehouse and he wanted to run easy.  Sure, I'm all about 'easy' Grrrrrr...  I had planned on 6 and thought the route I had in my mind was that.  I needed to go down to the corner of Rainville...  whoopsie.  Anyhow.  Nice to run and talk. Mile 5, that damn hill on Meech, we walked it.  Looking at the splits all were so smooth and even.  I won't kick myself, but damn it.  The curse of the lazy runner.   Maybe I need to suck it up and run up the slow climb on Shennecosett?

Good run,  I was hoping for consistency and had it all but mile 5.   We had a few sprinkles during the run, completely welcome.

Gizzy is really enjoying this cool weather.  I'm happy for that.  He is an old guy and well you just never know.  I am certain the walks help the old curmudgeon.

Wednesday -  Run 3.6

Oh someones attitude needed to be adjusted for sure.  My usual lunch run was interrupted by lunch out.  Under normal attitude I'm all whoop!  Let's go!  On this day, not so much.  As we drove out to Par 4 I looked longingly out the window at all the runners on a pristine and perfect September mid day.  It wasn't the company, it was me. 

I got out at 2, giving lunch time to digest.  No point in spilling "The Murph" all down Eastern Point Road right?  The usual button hook loop down to the beach and back and I felt so much better when I got back.  Ready to finish the projects for the day and go out with the girls for some food, drinks, and jibber jabber.  I probably wouldn't have even enjoyed girls night out with out the run, yeah, I was that much of a GROUCH!

Gizzy didn't get his walk and he, Jax, and Gus were pretty pissed to smell another dog on me.  Whoopsie! 

Thursday - 5K at lunch  /  5K Sneekers fun run w/Ro  /  Dog walk 1

Another picture perfect September day.  Mike B ran over the bridge.  I considered that, especially with the wind coming from the North, a nice push for the way back to campus.  However, I had plans to run with Ro after work and that 8 mile loop would make the evening run miserable. 

Quick run to the beach and back, ahhh...

Ran another 3 with Ro, still coming back from injury.

Gizzy whined his way to a mile walk.

Friday - Run 6

Monthly girls lunch!  Salad, Pizza, and Beer....   Jennifer bailed on the run.  Her father had an accident.  Girls need to be with their Daddys when they are in pain.  I totally understand!

Got home, took my usual Friday afternoon nap.  Dave just laughed as I laid down on the couch, I'm going to run to Watch Hill I said and BOOM O.U.T.  He woke me up around 4:30 suggesting I didn't have enough time to go stalk Taylor Swift but was I going to run before we went out to dinner.  Oh yeah...

Went out for what I thought would be 5 or less and then was inspired to run up Oak Street and the 'hills' on Tower before going home.  Surprisingly peppy legs for a couple of heavy stouts, pizza, salad and a cupcake...

Saturday - 28 Bike / 3.1 run @ Warrior Dash / 1.6 dog walk

Been too long since I've been on the bike, the sun is setting earlier and earlier and my work schedule is a little nutsy to be able to ride the bike to work...  Maybe I'll ride the Rhode Warrior route just for the fun of it?

Warrior Dash in Madison CT with team Sole Runners.  I was the free entry.  I've never done one of these obstacle things, not sure if it is my thing or not.  For a free entry, what the hell I'll give it a shot. Write up here.

Sunday -  22 Bike / 1 Run

Rest wasn't on the schedule.  Went out for a bike ride, and managed to not get flagged into transition for the Mystic Y Tri going on at the beach.  Cheered on Shara and decided I should go home and get away from all these athletes doing their thing.

Loaded the ride in Strava, noted I met my now reduced cycling goal and was a mile off of my running goal.   Went out and ran the 1 mile.  Time to get serious about these goals...

The afternoon was spent in Mystic and the John J. Kelley statue dedication and reception. Quite an amazing man and athlete who inspired so many and gave so much.  Give the link a peek.  The unveiling ceremony was very well done.  Huge congratulations to Jim Roy!

Beth, enjoying this weather!

Posted 9/18
Updated 9/19
Final 9/21


  1. Jax looks like a trooper! I wish him a speedy recovery! Is the stomach flipping common in boxers?

    1. Jax is definitely a trooper! Thanks for the well wishes. He was a trooper though 8 weeks of being crated in a strangers house when he arrived on our door step. This time it has been much easier, he knows us and trusts us!! Stomach flipping isn't really common in boxers. He is pretty narrow chested however deep and that may be the reason why. It is all a mystery. Great Danes are the dogs most susceptible due to their size.