Sunday, October 26, 2014

And so ends another week....

Weekly Log:  10/20 - 10/26


Monday -  My Noon meeting was cancelled, giving me enough time for a run before an afternoon teleconference listening to vendors tell us how great they are and why they should win the business.  It was a perfect fall day for a run and the run felt great.  Ran in to Steve at the end of Jupiter Point and he volunteered he and Dave were doing speed work on Tuesday, come on down to the EB Lot L.   TRX was good, nice to be back to the routine.  Gizzy got a nice long walk.  He was quite perky!!  

Tuesday - I did commit to speed work, so I met up with Dave and Steve and we ran around the parking lot.  Jog a lap run hard a lap etc... a lap registered at 0.3 miles on my GPS.  Results are here.  Dave said 4 laps, and on the recovery lap he said one more.  I do believe I told both of them I hated them and ran the lap.  They ran me back to work.  Probably to make sure I didn't curl up in a ball in the gutter and cry!  

Wednesday - Windy run, seems we are back to the winter winds on Wednesday. Running downhill back to campus in the wind was even tough.  All in all felt like a good run.  Time to get used to the wind!!

Thursday - Easy 5K with Ro, although she claims I pushed her a bit.

Friday - Time to try a progression run.  Figured I'd take 10 seconds off my mile 1 for mile 2 and 10 off 2 for 3.  I have no idea how these things work.  I felt like crap and wanted to scream up the hill back towards work.  Up hill into the wind sucked, and even down hill into the wind sucks.  I was happy with the run when it was done, that's the right way to feel, right?  Quick after dinner walk with Giz.

Saturday - Rest day and a quick walk with Giz.

Sunday - Chatfield Hollow 10K  write up to come.

Beth, I really need to come up with creative titles!!

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