Monday, January 12, 2015

Resolution 5K Beach and Trail Race - Recap

This was the 3rd time I've run this race.  I missed one race due to not being able to tell time.  It is one of my favorite courses on in the Off Rhode Racing 4th Season Trail Race series.

Driving out to Scarborough State Beach I remembered I had totally spaced on looking up my course PR, to know exactly what to make my goals.    I vaguely remembered it was in the 31 or 32 range as I had just put together a sheet with my 2015 races and course PRs for those races.  Anyhoodles, goals.  A goal was sub 30.  B goal was to PR the course, not knowing specifically what I was shooting for. C goal don't die.    Last year the course was wet this year it was frozen.  Definitely helpful for a faster time for me. Plus I've been pretty curious if I am getting any faster.  I don't believe I am.  A race is a perfect venue to do an assessment.  Daily runs probably aren't as telling as actually racing?

I picked up my bib #2, oh wow.  Last time I had bib #2 (Sea Legs Shuffle 2013) it didn't bode well for a good race. I did my best to put that aside and really it was not the bib it was my inability to prioritize in 2013 that was my downfall.  Crutch found me and we chatted.  I didn't really do anything close to a warm up, maybe 1/10th of a mile, doesn't count towards anything. 

Mike lined us all up and talked to us through the megaphone, no one could hear.  Too much chatter in the peanut gallery.  Off went the siren and the space watches.  I started out fast and too far up front.  The most defeating part was Steve Schonning hobbling by me on his bum foot. There were a lot of people passing me.  How in the hell could I be in last place already I thought to myself.  I did take a peek at my watch and saw a pace in the 7s and thought, well you can't hold this slow up a bit...    I settled in the 9s and the few times I did take a peek at the space watch I expected to see a 10.  Nope.  Huh.  (there were some 10's, never when I peeked, though, pshew) I just kept running and breathing and focusing on the person in front of me and closing the gap.

Mile 1 is all on the beach, less than 100 steps in I managed to twist that damn right ankle a bit on a big stone.  This reminded me to pay attention to where I was going to be running.  People flying by me, crap.  Still on the beach and the watch buzzed at 9:05, ok I'll take that, then began to wonder, that is fast for me for a 'trail', am I going to fast?  You feel fine, keep it up you silly girl. 

Mile 1?  Photo by Jana Walker
I am actually running, but it really doesn't look like it.

Mile 2 Off the sand, on to hard top and then on to the trail.  Keeping with my running / breathing / reeling people in strategy.  Space watch beeped...  9:36 pace once  Ok so yeah I got wrapped up in another persons race for a bit and freed myself up.  Just run, don't get defeated, you only have a mile to go!

Mile 3 trail got slippery in spots.  I noticed the trail was much wider and more open, the hurricane in 2013 really cleared things up and opened up the trail.  I passed a few people, focusing in on the Turtle who was in front of me.  Oh goodie, time to run through the stone house!  It looked a little slippery, Scott was there snapping pictures, and then it was back on the beach.  I got passed in the last 400 yards.  I couldn't catch her. 9:01

Mile 0.1 finally the end 8:45

I had to take a double take at my space watch 28:32.   Wait. What?  A 3 something PR?  And sub 30 on a trail?  That is my fastest trail time yet! I definitely met my A goal by a wide margin!  Official results: 28:29 3:30 PR.  Wowza...    Link to results here.

I suppose this running circles around EB Lot L is actually paying off, that and breathing.  Oxygen to those leg muscles to keep them moving!  Huh, I'm amazed and pretty pleased!  Ok I'm really pleased!

Beth, smiling.


  1. Nice! Great race, Beth. Well done!

  2. Great job on crushing your A goal!

  3. The speedwork is paying off! Your race pace was faster than you expected and felt relatively easy. Wait to a road 5K. Great job!!

  4. Awesome job, oh ye of little faith! Trust in yourself. Congratulations!

  5. You should be pleased - very well done! See, hard work does pay off.

  6. You're awesome! Too bad Mike B. is scared of trail races, he'd have been a fun addition! You did great at the race!!! Now to get Nicole involved, haha :)