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Weekly Recap 1/19 - 1/25










Monday - Running rest day.  I went to Spin at 5:30 in the morning.  On a day off from work, when I could sleep in and Dave’s alarm wasn't blaring for an early ride. Really, I need my head examined.  Good class, what I remember of it.   Light in attendance,  perhaps the icy roads?   I really have to focus on form, not fall into spin bobbing, and straight back on standing sprints.   This is to help for road cycling not to be a superstar.  My quads were a little sore, but that's what it feels like on the bike.  I can't believe I haven't been in the saddle since October.  Sad...

20 Indoor cycling no nos....

Dave ordered my new bike at Stedman's, (the best bike shop in Rhode Island) it's due in the end of February.  It will be nice to have a lighter bike.  Now, I must find a home for my current bike.  Buller?  Anyone?  We also are the proud owners of a fluid trainer.  Dave's been using it.  I've yet to hook my bike up to it.  There is only so much time in the day, ya know...  

Took Gizzy to Bluff Point for a hike, he enjoyed being off leash.  

He blends in a little bit, no?  Hard to believe he is 14....
I can't let him off leash very often in Burlingame, the narrow trails and heavy brush, he can't hear me and he matches the environment a little too well.  For an old guy he's got hustle when he wants to and I had a couple of jogs to catch up with him as he trotted along after this smell or that smell.  One of the nice things with his lack of hearing, he can't hear the dogs up the trail barking their fuzzy heads off.  He only notices when/if he catches sight or smell of them.  It is comical.  I remember when he would bark his fuzzy head off at approaching dogs or leaves or whatever.  

Tuesday -  Speedwork. I had a meeting run late and ended up getting in 3 laps with the guys and one by myself, and bailed on the 5th.  Really does help to have them pushing me along.  Yeah yeah, suck it up princess and run the laps.  I will be solo next week; both the guys are gone on Tuesday.   Think I may try something different; get in a loop longer than 1/3 of a mile.  Have to check with Mikey B, he seems to have these all mapped out near work. But he has a pretty full dance card these days and not a lot of 'easy runs' on his schedule. 

Yeah yeah

One of my guy friends sent this to me this week.  I love it and his sense of humor.
Wait, is he trying to tell me I am, in fact, batshit crazy....
All in all knowing the time goal 2:10 and what my average is 2:15 helped for immediate feedback after the laps.  I tried something different with the recovery laps, fast walking until the last little bit before the speed lap started.  This helped with consistency.  I'm not sure if this is the right or the wrong thing to do?  Thoughts?  Advice? Counsel? 

Jennifer was up for 3 miles at a 10:15 - 10:30 pace pre yoga.  Damn it all if it wasn't snowing in Coventry again.   Fortunately the bike path was ice free.  It is nice and smooth and flat. We averaged a 10:01 pace with a couple stops and one walk for her to catch her breath and cough up good god knows what.  She was disappointed with the pace.  I reminded her of her text, good to have a running partner with a similar temperament.  She rolled her eyes. 

Yeah, she'll punch me later, yeah it will hurt.

Yoga was good.  Lots of down dog and sun salutations, I definitely felt it in my upper back on Thursday.

Wednesday - again with this department reorganization and these mini 15 minute "get to know you" meetings popping on my calendar I went out late for my run.  Yes, yes, my priories need a little adjustment, whatever.  A person gets things pretty timed with food and going out for a run hungry isn't a great idea.  I got spacey and loopy and cut the run short.  Well, I did it...  and that’s what counts right?  I hate that "You got out there" comment.  Yeah yeah...

Dave took Giz and Jax to the beach so they were set for a nice settled in night and Gus got to take the walk, 2.7 miles.  Nice pace.

Hmmm.. since we walked a little under 3 miles and I ran three miles that puts my total to almost 6, kudoable Gazelle??  I keep my (well Gizzy's) walking miles separate from my running miles.  I'm honestly not sure what Strava does with them and I've gotten into the habit of using Map My Walk/Fitness/blah blah blah.  

Anyhoodles, Gus stays on task with the walk, I really should dog jog with him, he keeps up a steady pace and stays on task.  Just MORE clothes to launder - well Dave does do the laundry, hmmm...

Thursday -  New York, very early start to the day, and by the time I got home I wanted to veg.  Yeah and office job is sort of vegging but having to interact with people wears me out and the morning meeting was  success but wow, I am not used to interacting with that many people in that short of a period of time.    There wasn't time for a walk to Bryant Park, well I could have caught a later train....  Nahhhh  

Friday – 2 ish mile warm up with Jennifer.  She made it the whole time with no stopping or walking!  10 pace.  Very good!!!   We are hoping to be racing frenimes in the near future.   I ran most of the sets of stairs. 10 of the 12 sets. Is been a while and I could tell!  Think this will move back to Fridays we tried on Saturdays to accommodate other's schedules and it just wasn't working.  With the pending snow for this Saturday that pretty much sealed the deal.   Now to find a longer running route (no Jeff this has nothing to do with Kudos from you, *wink*) around campus.

Saturday – I did nothing and I liked it. 

Sunday - Winter Wonderland 5 miler in Milford with Faith, who will now be out of my age group!  Recap.

Beth, found the training plan....  yikes...    Well for the 'easy' I'm not too far off, the 'hard' yeah, no....  

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