Friday, February 13, 2015

Weekly Recap 2/9 - 2/15 Final




ARC / Weights / Yoga

Plank 30 / 40 / 60


Intervals / weight / plank 60 x 4


Monday -  Non running day, TRX cancelled, so I went for a massage.  How is it 50 minutes on a massage table takes the blink of an eye and 50 minutes on the treadmill is eternity?  It's not fair!  Giz whined enough to get a walk around the block.  

Tuesday - Run at lunch, skipped speedwork because Jennifer and I were going to do intervals on the treadmill.  Enjoyed the run on my usual route, sometimes it's like coming home going right out of the guardshack.  Sure the wind was strong and coming from the North so the last mile was 1/2 up hill into the wind and it was 1/2 downhill into the wind.  The sun was out and it was fantastic!  I'll take that!!

Intervals didn't happen, 30 minutes of weights and 30 min on the ARC trainer happened.  Yoga also happened.  OMG that woman is trying to kill us, I swear.   Lots of planks and down dog, what happened to an hour of corpse pose?  HA!  

Sadly neither one of us won music bingo at Fat Bellies.  However we did get asked if I was Jennifer's mother.  She's never going to let me live that down.  Yeah the cheaters do age me a bit...   That poor girl, she said "Are you two mother daughter?  Sisters?"   

Wednesday - Faith met me for a run at lunch.   Nice sunny run with good conversation!  Started out with Faith saying I'll barely make a 10:30 pace, I've learned this is code for 9:30.  We ended up at nearly 10 pace.  I'm sure I slowed her down.  Whatever, if you run with me you know I like an easy pace!    Couple of Mikey B sightings, thanks for the invite, sub 8 pace would kill me after a mile, plus I wouldn't be able to bitch...  HA!

Three planks with Mike B one I got back to the gym 20 / 40 / 60 seconds.  Eventually one of us will push the over to over a minute?

Gizmo was so not interested in the walk, he went and wanted to cut through the park and head home.  I think he is finally tired of the snow?  One of my friends takes all his pups out for a romp in the woods every morning.  One morning his eldest, Amsey, didn't want to go.  He didn't push the issue.  When he got back with the other two, Amsey had passed.  I worry about this with Gizzy, he is 14, that is old for a boxer, they live 8 - 10 years.  I honestly think he is just tired of the cold.  I hope for spring only to get some warm weather into his old bones.  

Thursday - NYC, I am not used to these days anymore.  When it was once a week I managed, now ugh, torture.   I was able to get on an early train and home at a reasonable hour.  Fortunately Giz wasn't in the mood for a walk, or he knew I was exhausted.  Went to bed early and happy for a few more hours of sleep.

Friday - Intervals with Jennifer on the treadmill.  I'll say this is a nice way to do them.  7:30 pace for 1/4 of a mile @ 1% grade. The mill forces you into the pace.  We did 4 intermixed with 10% grade hills for 1/4 mile with 1/4 mile rest ( walking pace) between.  I'm eyeing upping this to 1/2 mile...  All in all a good workout.   We did some weights after and planks 4 x 60 seconds each, well Jennifer did 2 minutes for her first, and the next 3 were 60 seconds.  I have to get over that minute hurdle!

Saturday - Took advantage of the warm temps and the beginning of the latest snow storm, Neptune, good grief...  Guess it is better than hurricane Nemo from this past summer.  Anyhoodles, I had a really great run, it felt great while I was running and I was pretty darn close to being sub 60 min for a 10K, which is really good for me for a race and excellent for a training run.  Huh, maybe this speedwork stuff is paying off?

One of the fun parts of my run was meeting up with 6 or 7 Mystic Velo club cyclists.  They are insane, way to cold to be riding on the roads.  They looked super happy or maybe, like me, their mouths were frozen into a smile?  Great job guys!

Sunday - Knitting and binge watching Sons of Anarchy!   I finished a couple Dragon Scarves,  a red (with green eyes) and a green with red eyes.  The green guy is on the blocking board - next week I'll snap some pics.  For now here is a not so great one of the first guy.  It was a fun pattern and my husband had a grand time poking fun at me in my granny glasses knitting and watching biker bad boys.  

It's a Dragon Scarf!  - he has green eyes now
We shoveled out what snow we did get, it wasn't a bad storm snow accumulation wise.  The wind?  Oh crikies, this old house was pretty drafty!  Grab a dog and a quilt and snuggle!

Beth, kinda getting tired of winter, no really, she is....


  1. Winter is so old this time of year he stinks. Although we have had a crazy warm snap the last two weeks. like couple days in the 60s. weird. but I like it. Great week!