Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February is a wrap

Holy cow, February is over, the weather set many records, yours truly?  Not a one, at least not one that comes to mind quickly!

Two weather records that come to mine are:  32 inches of snow in 28 days with an average temp of 18F. 

I logged a surprising 91 running miles and a measly 14 walking miles.  Poor Gizzy, I can definitely see the impact 25% of the usual miles he gets has had on him both physically and mentally.  Amazing what exercise does for living creatures.  

In the beginning of our walks he has troubles lifting his leg to pee, the first 1/2 mile he tips over occasionally.  Poor old guy.  By the end he can lift either leg and wiz.  There really is something to this exercise stuff!  Plus he sleeps so much better.  He has lost pretty much all of his hearing and he has been grumbling a lot more.  Perhaps this is to make a noise he can feel or hear, we aren't sure.  Dave reports Gizzy'z waking up and shifting in bed and grumbling are far and few between the days he did get a walk.  I know I sleep better with some exercise, not too much mind you, a particularly heavy day and I sleep like crap.  Of course when I do sleep I sleep like the dead tetrised in between three dogs all snuggly and comfy.


Otherwise what is there to say about February?  It is over...  on to March, and maybe a thaw?  please?  pretty please with sugar on top?  (yeah yeah, Gru says "The physical appearance of the please makes no difference.")

Beth, who used to hate February, now is indifferent towards the month


  1. Great job getting all those miles in! I love when February is over, feels like we are finally out of the depths of winter and while it will still be wintery, at least there will be more nice days too

  2. Great job, nice miles!

    I couldn't agree more! Exercise make such a difference in a person or animals life. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!