Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Weekly Recap - 3/16 - 3/22 (final)




Weights / Yoga



Drive to MI



This is kind of a down week, not a lot going on and a chance to relax a bit.

Monday – 

It was a classic Monday, TRX cancelled, took Gizzy for a walk, and burned dinner.  Whoopsie!    At least stairs were less painful than they were on Sunday afternoon! :)

Tuesday – 

Recovery run down to the beach and back, 4 miles, felt good.   My knees aren’t angry with me anymore, pshew.  After work, met up with Jennifer for weights and then a wonderful yoga class.  Ahhh..  For the first time in weeks I slept well and woke up refreshed.

Post yoga we go to a pub for some snacks and drinks.  Well with it being St. Patrick’s Day our Irish Pub was crazed.  Usually there are 5 people in the bar, maybe 10.  We enjoy our chats with the bartender, Tara, and Jason who runs the Tuesday night music bingo night and a couple of the regulars.  Week after next we will get back to the usual routine.  

We went to a second favorite place to continue our conversation of St. Patrick’s Day and I got to channel my inner Cliff Clavin.  Useless facts to know and tell.  

Wednesday – 

Windy Wednesday run with Faith.  Oh my, 22 MP NW wind (with 36 MPH gusts) called for a reverse of our usual clockwise route, clockstupid it was and we were better off for it.  Even knowing the climb on Shennie was going to be into the wind having the wind at our side/back down by the river was definitely appreciated.   I can’t even imagine running into it along the river.  At least on Shennie the sparse trees on the golf course broke up some of the wind and we didn't see the white caps on the Thames River.  There is always a bright side!

Gizzy got a nice 2 mile walk in the wind.  Dave started him back on the Rimadyl, we shall see how this goes this time.  He is in a little discomfort.  Completely understandable for his advancing age.  He wants to walk and enjoys them, so we will continue until we can't or we have to use the wheels.

Thursday – NYC 

Friday – Drive to MI

Saturday - What is it about going to the parents house.  I sleep like the dead, it is so wonderful!  And it is even weirder because the whole house was reconstructed after the fire so it really isn't the same house I grew up in...  Must be that home feeling?  Anyhoodles, I slept in, the sun rise is an hour later on the West end of the time zone, so there was that on top of a long day and just feeling content.

When I finally got my lazy ass out of bed I took a run around the block.  My mother pronounced my 5 miles "I suppose that is good enough" ha ha, thanks mom.    She used to run that route before cancer.  

My father prepared a St. Patrick's Day meal that could not be beat!  Ate far to much corned beef cabbage potatos soda bread lamb stew (shhhh don't tell SIL of #2 brother there was venison in it) topped off with a shot of Bushmills and cupcakes with the littlest Leprechaun (obviously he wasn't getting any Bushmills; his father Brother #1 (aka KILLJOY) wouldn't even let me put some milk in a shot glass for him to have a shot too, sheesh) it was a good day.  Oh and the littlest Leprechaun is back to 'cheersing' before meals, so what ever that was all about it seems to have passed.  We imagine he tried to 'cheers' before lunch at pre-school and it was frowned upon.

Sunday -  Took mom for a walk around the farm, we walked a bit over a mile.  No it isn't on Strava, but it really did happen!  I really do wish I would have started it, I think she would have gotten a kick out of 'all this technology'.  When she made it past the back barn I wondered if she would consider going all the way to the forest and around the West field.  Took her a few minutes to catch her breath and once she did, we walked back to the forest, and around the West field and did a little slogging through some low spots (with giggles about how mad mom was going to be because of our wet and muddy shoes) and back to the house.    My father was standing on the porch looking for us, a little worried, we'd been gone nearly 40 minutes.  She promised to walk that loop once a week when the sun was out.  I hope she sticks to that.  It is nice to see her with quite a bit more energy on top of her usual spunk.

Still a bit of ice on the front pond...
always interesting to see how the trees grow high in some spots and low or non existent in others.
You can see a bit of that in the background.
Those walnuts the row along the back, were all planted at the same time, from seedlings.

Beth, happy to see her family for a St. Patrick's Day celebration and play with the little Leprechaun! 


  1. I didn't go out at all on St Patricks day, not brave enough I guess :)
    Those windy runs are the worst aren't they.
    Glad you got to see your family, have a great week!

  2. Thanks for sharing the MI visit and pics. Will we see you Sunday?