Thursday, April 2, 2015

Weekly Recap - 3/30 - 4/5 (final)



Hills / Yoga






Monday – Mondays have been a non-running day for me for a while.  I was meeting up with my knitting student to knit at lunch.  Well her scheduled changed and Monday’s no longer work for her.  Ugh.  I am so incredibly schedule driven this causes me agita, so now what can I flip flop to make all of this work?  What about Tuesday – no that’s speed work or hill day.  How about Wednesdays but I run with Faith on Wednesdays, how about Thursdays?  I have running plans on Thursday night usually, and with running on Monday I’ll need a break for Thursday.  Needless to say all this has me on my back foot, and then I breathe and remember she retires in June.  Well she was supposed to retire LAST June and that didn't happen.  Then there will be a whole new angst, but I think we can find a Sunday afternoon or Wednesday evening to get together.   Long story longer, I ran 5 on Monday.  I was sore from stairs on Friday, should have worn gloves, all in all a good run, despite my cold hands.  Boy were my knees not happy when I got back to my desk.  I have a nice warm fuzzy blanket so I wrapped them up in that and they were willing to call a truce if I didn't walk up too many stairs.  Well alrighty then, no afternoon coffee. 

TRX, after a month hiatus provided a slight discomfort and my knees really need the squats.  They, of course, did not think this was a good idea.  The DOMS increased as Tuesday progressed, what was a minor discomfort during class was full on, OUCH!
Gizmo, who has fully acclimated to the Rimadyl and not feeling much discomfort in his old man hips and knees was on a tear whining for his walk.  For whatever reason I don’t notice it much, Dave, on the other hand, it’s like fingernails on a chalk board to him.  I really wanted to finish just one thing and we’d go.  After 10 minutes of Dave bitching at me to take The Giz for a walk, we went out for 2 miles.  Grouchmo was peppy and finally got ahold of that chicken bone he’s been scouting since the fall.  Damn it.  I figured with all the snow and shoveling it would have gone bye bye.  Old eagle eyes and nose was on the prowl and snarfed it up so quick I couldn’t get my hands in his mouth quick enough to pull it out.
Monday also started the PBS show “The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography on Cancer” I watched the first hour, I shouldn't stay up past 10 or I won’t get to sleep.   I was pretty pleased it wasn't in the standard “You are an idiot, let me, the all-knowing all-understanding, break this down into the most basic of concepts for your immature, quite possibly conservative brain can understand, newscaster style, complete with a condescending tone.”   The reason I no longer listen to public radio or watch PBS.  Anyhow, my obnoxious opinions aside, the first hour was good, I had to warm up to how they were presenting, I was expecting it to be like the book and start from the beginning.  What director, Ken Burns, has done is very good, starting with a good hook to catch the viewer’s attention, and adds in just enough to keep it, sprinkling the history of  cancer in in just the right spots.  Absolutely not the standard documentary style of facts facts and more facts; there are stories!  
Rather busy day…
Tuesday – Hill repeats on School Street with Dave, Steve, and Ro.  Not the steepest street in Groton, CT, but one of them, 8% grade (84 feet elevation / 1056 feet distance).  This is going to help with Mt. Washington, right?  After Monday TRX, and this my whole me hurt more and more as the day went on.  But I wasn't done yet. 
Jennifer opted for 3 at a good pace, she said 11 and I was all in for that.  It became painfully obvious she was NOT serious so she dragged me along, HUGE HUGE HUGE boost to her ego for 2 miles under 9:30.  The Coventry bike path isn’t completely clear yet and the heavily wooded areas still had drifts of snow, plus she was feeling sorry for her friend. 
Yoga was helpful.  The first core work and my core was screaming.  Holy crap, would I even make it through the class? Definitely the short recovery run helped and eventually the calming slow paced yoga poses did their trick.  Savasana couldn't come quick enough, nor could the pizza and beer afterwards.  Oh we were a little bit healthy and had an eggplant and Portobello mushroom thing, very tasty!  I won at music bingo, a first for me! So that topped off the night well and I dragged my exhausted me home and negotiated NO walk with Gizmo, it’s 9:30 bud, time for bed, tomorrow, we will go tomorrow.  He got to poop in the neighbor’s yard (I picked it up) and that seems to give him a little thrill to torture Blossom who was barking her fuzzy head off at the interloper in HER yard.   

Quarterly totals

A little down from 2014, but not by too much!

Wednesday – Went out for 4 with Faith that turned into 5, she had 8 on her schedule.  We weren't whipping along at any stellar pace; however had a nice conversation about things ranging from is so and so still pissed off?  Not really, but thus and such is working my last nerve. Is it bad to be a heel striker? No.  Isn't this cool breeze by the water delightful?  Oh hell yes.  I swore I was walking up Meech, Faith took the lead and we ran up it.  Her reminding me how I killed her on the hills in Old Mountain Field, it wasn't until the flat open part that she caught and wizzed past me.  Thanks, I needed that little ego boost.

Gizzy got his walk, he is now sacked out on the couch and happy.  Afterall, it's all about The Giz.

Thursday  - After work hills were cancelled due to illness, I'll get in some miles at lunch, looking very nice outside!  Plus Friday is supposed to piss rain.  Today is my Paternal Grandfather's birthday, he would have been 98 (he passed in 1989 @72, my dad is 72 this year, he's having a tough time with it).  Time to dust off the Cutty Sark and have a shot in his honor.  Maybe a bike ride after work?  

Reality:  3.3 miles at lunch and the high point was seeing Faith driving by.  I was spent.  Enjoyed a nice snort with my paternal grandfather. 

Friday - Stairs - dependent upon pissing rain, and I'm not carrying Jennifer up the stairs, no matter how much she whines!  

Reality:  Picked up my bib for the Jamestown Bridge 10K and took a nap.  Jennifer was still sick and I was really in no spirits to do anything but nap.

Saturday - Jamestown Bridge 10K  and when did Big River get moved up a week?  Oh well, i missed the last one in the 4th Season Trail series...

Reality:  I did run the race - recap to follow!  Actually very fun.

Sunday - Off to the in-laws...

Reality:  15 mile bike ride on the old bike and an hour of stairs some running some hiking with 8 lbs of bricks in a back pack.  Jennifer brought two of her pugs!

Demi on the upper and Brady on the lower
Demi is a Puggle.
Both super sweet and LOVED the stairs!!

The bike ride was great!  The old bike, the roads are still a little sandy and I need to decide on Mountain Bike or Road shoes before I get pedals for the Ruby.  I'm thinking I'll stick with the SPDs and the Mt Bike shoes.  Thoughts?

Did a loop around the pond, wondered if I'd see Gazelle and his Fawn, I did not they were out there but after I was home.  It was nice to be out and fun to collect a 2015 QOM, that will go by the way side soon enough.  I wasn't even close to my own PR on that segment (I can never remember where that sucker starts and ends, I'll have to pay attention!) and more than a minute off the standing QOM (Queen of the Mountain), she'll be by to nab the 2015 QOM soon enough!  I knew I wouldn't be setting any records, I wasn't at all in the mood to do much of any work, this was for fun.  

Got to play around a bit with my Garmin Edge 810, still have tons to learn, but I got it to record and auto upload, which then caused grief getting the Forerunner 610 to upload.  I may have this straightened out.  Guess I'll find out after my Monday run?

Jennifer and Jennifer were running stairs at 11.  I was 15 minutes late but worked at catching up to them and we all did over 10 sets! Some running some hiking with 8 lbs of bricks in a back pack.  That will be good Mt. Washington training.  All in all it was a great way to have some fun on a beautiful sunny spring morning!!!

Beth, babbling and seems to be back to her usual spirits


  1. Cutty Sark - your grandfather had and passed on good taste. My grandmother's dying final request (age 92) at the hospital was for Old Granddad (the bourbon, not her husband).
    Since Big River moved up and you no longer have a race on your calendar next weekend, you should come join your club and run in our hometown race with a 34-year tradition. Was down at the beach today with town officials prepping, arranging for power, water, parking, picnic tables, etc. We won't have scotch, but we'll have chowder prepared by WHS culinary students, a nice flat oceanview course, and real bathrooms!

    1. One of these days I'll get to the Clamdigger. I made another commitment for Sunday... So BR did get moved up, I'm not crazy, well wait don't answer that... Your Grandmother sounds like a fun lady!!