Sunday, April 26, 2015

Weekly Recap: 4/20 - 4/26 (final) And RISP 5K Recap


 Hills x 7 / Stedman's Women's ride

New Jersey


New Jersey

6 with Jennifer




Monday - Went out for a lunch run, the only person on the road, oh yeah it was raining and windy, and once I got back to the guard shack the weather improved.  I wimped out and did 4. In my defense, after nearly getting blown into the Thames River I figured I should head back to campus.  All in all it was enjoyable and somewhat laughable with the conditions and the sideways rain and sea spray along the shore.   Gizzy went for a walk, he is holding steady at a mile and less clumsiness.  

Tuesday - Hills with Steve, Dave, and Ro.  7 sets on School Street. I'm staying consistent with ~2:20 give or take a few seconds to get to the top of the 1/10 of a mile 80 ft climb.  The guys ran Ro and I back to campus, probably to make sure we wouldn't walk.  Dave and I jibber jabbered about the marathon, he has his sights set on qualifying again.  I wish him luck!  We have the same qualifying time, I wish I hadn't mentioned that.  I'm really not interested in running Boston, too many people. 

Jennifer and I met up with the ladies at Stedman's and opted for the relaxed ride.  It was nearly identical to the ride last week, I have to check Strava but I think it is exactly the same.  Jennifer, who does have a better sense of direction than I, assured me we zigged where we zagged last week.  The pace is 14 - 16 and we hung in the back, I think we could have moved up a bit, but both of us prefer to not be in the middle.   Next week we will attempt the intermediate ride (16 - 18).  I manged to get the Garmin all figured out for directions and I'll let the leader know they can drop us, it isn't a problem.  I'm ready for a bit more of a challenge and Jennifer is the one who asked if we could move up!

Gizzy was being a nudge and got a walk before I even got my bike in the house.  Well he is much better and getting the spring back in his step.  Hopefully there is no lasting damage from the Rymadil.  Then again he is 14, and there is that whole aging thing....

Wednesday - My lunch run with Faith.  I know this is going to be a tough run.  The bike ride helps push through the aches my legs feel after hill work, but they are still tired.  Faith is good about letting me pick the pace and we  bounced between 9:30 and 10 landing at 9:53.  I wanted to walk so badly.  Doubtfully it would have helped.  Of course Faith used this as a great warm up and cruised in the 8's once she got rid of her anchor (ha ha ha).

I was in Short Hills, NJ for the evening, so no dog walk. :(

Thursday -  A  lovely meeting in Short Hills, NJ and a decent drive home, once I realized I that I was going South on the Garden State Parkway and I should have been going North - whoops!!!.  Walk with Gus before and Giz after dinner.

Friday - After 4 hours of conference calls I was done for Friday.  I was early to met up with Jennifer for 6 miles on her usual Friday route.  A couple of rolling hills she says.  The egg salad sandwich in my stomach was clearly the wrong choice for lunch.  The first 3.1, which are down  hill really sucked, said egg salad sandwich and perhaps the cinnamon roll at the root of this suck, and that is sad, because the next 3.1 would be up hill.  Jennifer hid some water at the bottom of the hill I was grateful for that as well as copping a squat on the side of the road for a few minutes before we embarked on our uphill journey.  As usual by mile 5 I finally found my grove and could have kept going.  I need to remember this magic number for the warm up for the RISP Foot Pursuit on Sunday, would 5 be too much of a warm up?  Hmmm, not sure.  It is worth a shot to try a longer warm up, lets split the difference and say 3?

Gizzy took me on a walk, we went a little further and he did well.  He is a grouch when he doesn't get his way.  I didn't have a hold of the leash in the park and the rascal scampered off.  When we are around traffic I do keep hold of the leash, for just that reason, he likes to scamper off.

Saturday - Jax got the long walk today.  He is not so sure about kids, they really do freak him out a bit.  Some sort of small deity that all big people bow to.    Dave did mention that Jax looks kind of intimidating walking towards him.  Black dogs get such a bad rap.  I do keep that in mind when people approach.  Kids are usually very unconcerned and Jax looks up at me with this "Please, help." look in his big brown eyes.  Usually the parents, see the black dog and order the child to stop.  That is nice.  He was ready to be home and away from all the small deities running around making him nervous.

Dave and I went for a nice pedal around Watch Hill and Misquamicut.  It was nice despite the wind.  I dug out my knee warmers and that helped a lot.  My Garmin freaked out, lovely.  I reset it and I'll try it tomorrow and see how what happens.   I didn't loose too much biking fitness over the long winter, or at least that is what I am trying to tell myself.  The core group of the running club is looking to ride a century this summer.  The one they've picked looks great!  If all goes as planned that will be 2 of 3 century rides for the summer.  I'm looking forward to biking a lot more this summer than last.

I titled my Strava entry "Pedal with Smith", loved the comments from Gazelle and Muddy - this was how Dave titled his ride (see picture).  He did post despite the snail pace he had to take with his wife.  Creative titler, he is not... although he suggested Ride Beth would probably be inappropriate. Har har har...

Sunday - RISP Foot Pursuit  (Rhode Island State Police) 5K - I ran this last year for the first time and did much better - I was also in the throws of 50K training.  

2014:  Net:  28:35 Gun:  29:08  
2015:  Net:  29:13  Gun: 29:47

Full results here

My A Goal was sub 29; B Goal sub 30; C Goal don't die.    

I lined up too far back and had to bob and weave through the walkers and slower runners who probably lined up too soon.  I think I got stuck in that pace and just couldn't speed up.

I did have negative splits.  Interestingly my cadence also slowed down.  That is rather curious.  Why would that be?  Longer strides?  I definitely felt the speeding up and wanted so badly to stop and walk and catch my breath.  Instead I breathed deeper and slower and hoped like HELL I didn't see Crutch because I didn't have it in me to mutter "Don't push me" because I knew I was eons away from my A goal. 

19:28 /mi9:11 /mi29 ft89
29:26 /mi9:35 /mi-25 ft86
39:13 /mi9:18 /mi-21 ft85
0.18:28 /mi7:53 /mi11 ft84

I'm happy with the result, there were only two WTAC female, sorry Shara and a couple of the WTAC guys are out on medical (?).  Not sure how the club placed.  

Got home to an empty house and three lonely dogs.  It was Gus's turn for a long walk and Gizzy is pretty much at a mile, maybe a mile and a half before everything goes to hell for him.  Getting old sucks.  I feel for him and he wants to go.  I'll have to get a video of his lovely high pitched whine.   Geriatric deaf curmudgeon, stubborn as a mule.

And some dog pictures to entertain you!

Gus's cute feet - I love when he lays like this with the right tucked under the left

Jax - He is finally sitting and wants to go NOW !
Giz - wants to go this way not home!

Beth, better go run trails for 7 Sisters next Sunday!


  1. Great to see you out there yesterday! Maybe I'll find you at 7 Sisters, just to hear the grumbling, ha! Can't wait for it...gonna be a fun time! Great race on Sunday though, and the Men took the team title, if you guys had one more for the women's team you'd have totally taken the win...

    1. Congrats to the Men. Bummer we didn't have another woman... Yeah there will be grumbling at 7 Sisters and I am truly looking forward to it. See you Sunday!