Sunday, May 3, 2015

7 Sisters Trail Race - DNF

When I texted one of my training partners mid run "This is going to be my first DNF"  all I got back was "Oh no!  I'm sorry!"  That was the best response possible.  When you run enough with someone they know your strengths and weaknesses.  Had they been there, there would have been a discussion and a negotiation.  Considering there was no knowledge of what I was going through physically or mentally, this discussion and negotiation was not reasonable via text.  For that I will be forever grateful.

I vowed to make it to the turnaround, no matter how long that took.  Of course, even with all my dilly dallying and picture taking, I even took a phone call from Don who had sprained his ankle at mile 2, dropped at mile 4, and was heading back to the start line.  I was there well before the cut off.  Damn it.  I don't know if being past the cut off time would have made it easier or not. 

About mile 3 I took off my bib and folded it up and pinned it back on my shirt.  This simple act turned what was a sufferfest into a hike.  Was it a sufferfest because of the terrain?  No, not really.  It became a sufferfest because I was going to have to come back across all 7 peaks of the 7 Sisters, and that my friend was my undoing.  Those bitches be crazy!  Gorgeous and fun, yes, everything you want in a gal?  Fortunately with all that fun there is a sinister crazy side to them.  I couldn't embrace it.  

It was great to see everyone, but Don, on their way back over these crazy bitches.

Checking in at the half way point I said "I'm out"  they said "You have 5 minutes, you can head back.".  I handed over my timing tags and asked what was the process to get back to the start.  They said hitch a ride - so I did.  Rounded up a ride, and a couple other runners who dropped.  One was in serious need of a pep talk!  Dayumn was she hard on herself.  She ebbed and flowed in the 15 minutes ride back to the start.  I hope she managed to forgive herself.  

My guardian angels were out there giving me hell, of course.  Thanks Great Grandma Lizzie and Grandma Eve - I know it was you!!!

Remember when I bailed on my first century ride?  I blew a tire on my bike.  Well I blew a tire on my car.  Kismet?  Was this a sign I should try again?  or was this a sign that I need to not hit shit on the road with my bike or my car?

So there you have it.  

Beth, yeah, I shed a few tears, of course this was when the cop pulled up behind me for my safety with my blown tire!  HA!  Never a dull moment!

PS I will post the pictures I took, eventually.  It was amazingly gorgeous!!


  1. Glad you're OK. Jeezuz, what a day... Beautiful day. Can't wait to see your pictures!

  2. No shame in that. Sounds like a crazy tough "race." Bring on the pics!

    1. Seth, exactly - "race" this wasn't a race unless you truly were a mountain goat and ran that stuff regularly.

  3. DNFs are a part of the process too. We've all had them. At least you got to do it on a legitimate course with seven problems. Stay positive!

    1. Thanks Muddy! Kinda feel like I'm a member of the exclusive DNF club. Another item to add to my resume of "did not meet objectives" fortunately this one joins some other real dozies! I too am glad it was on a 'legitimate course', thanks that phrase helped me get through today. And proves the value of training!

  4. You gave it a great effort, and coming from the DNF alumni, I can say you earned yours. Hell of a race. Fun hanging out with you guys too!