Thursday, August 27, 2015

Weekly Recap: 8/24 - 8/30 (final)









Back at a full week of work and running…  weird… 

The gym at work is having a contest to see which site gets the most log ins from the time period of July 6th to August 28th.   We’ve gotten one maybe two notices about where we are in the rankings of the sites.  At week #3 we were 3rd out of 10.  I have no idea where we are now.  There is also an incentive to get a $25 gift card for 25 visits during this period. Totally doable if you go to the gym an average of 3x per week.  I don’t always do this, sometimes I run after work and don’t go to the fitness center.  I'll miss the 25 by one visit.  Bummer.

Monday - 

Run and TRX, it was still humid, the temps were lower so it felt less humid.  Back down into the low 10's.  Getting better.

Tuesday - 

All I could think about today was root beer...   no run after work with the girls I was bummed

Wednesday - 

Run with Faith, best in such a long time!!

Thursday - 

TRX for lunch and a run after work with Ro.

Friday - Hike with Jennifer / Schonning 5K (maybe)

What happened?  Facebook posted an memory of a Fair Isle vest project I haven't touched in 2 years.  Jennifer bailed. I wove in the ends of the vest and stabilized the steeks and prepared to cut the steeks.

Saturday - 11 with the Housewives of Narragansett at 6 am.

What happened 11?  where did that come from??  I ran 8 before 8 a.m. and was good with that.  I'll catch that missing 3 to hit 30 later (yeah right sure I will).  Enjoyed my run with Nicole, Mary, Kathy, and Laura.  I haven't run with Nicole and Mary since forever, this was very nice and reintroduced to Kathy and met Laura for the first time.  Nicole was doing a 17 mile run and happy for what ever company she could get.  We stayed with her for the first 8 and then she found someone for the next 8 and did a mile solo!

Nice way to spend the morning and I think I'll get my self together for more of these group runs.  I'm so good with the 11 pace!!!

Did some very satisfying house chores - edging the lawn.  I love this chore.  Except Dave broke the hand edger and I had to buy a new one.  Who knew Home Depot was open at 8 a.m.?  Now I do!  Got a nice new one, wow they have improved a lot in the last 15 years.  My old one I bought when we bought the house.  Guess it was due to break?

Then I worked on cutting the steeks in the sweater and stitching the shoulder seams and picking up the stitches for the neck opening and then on to the shoulder edging.  I've only been working on this one for 4 years.. or maybe 3.  This one didn't end up in the notebook because of the color charts, however I do have pictures from when Elizabeth and I started swatching and casting on for the real deal when we decided to work this project together and mid way through she and her hubby moved to Manhattan.  Blargh... I miss our Saturday night knitting dates.  :(

Oh and Sara texted, she can't do the 50.  I'm working on plan B... 98 by myself sounds horrendous at this point....

Sunday - 98 on the bike, meeting up with Sara for about 50 of the miles.

What happened:  Dave had an early ride I had dog duty and took this as an excuse to hang out with the pups!   Gus is losing a tooth, getting old sucks, poor guy. 

I got some cleaning done and the shoulder edging done on one side and picked up and knitted a round on the other sleeve and decided it was time I actually got off my ass and 'took some exercise' as the Brits say.  I had 3 miles to go to hit this ridiculous 30 miles a week goal, I had 4 miles to hit my 31 per my plan, and I had 4.9 to hit the "Ultra-Trail du Mont-Balanc Distance Challenge"  170K ( 105.6) for the month of August. 

I sign up for these things and sometimes do them sometimes not.  I've been watching as people really focus on completing the challenge and thought if I was going to bail on the GranFondo 150K  (93.2) on the bike I better get one done other than the gimmie 10K.

Seemed pointless to just go for 3 and especially after it became obvious it was far more humid than I thought it was, 5 it was, I made up the route as I went, taking a tour of St. Michael's Cemetary, so very peaceful.  The folks at the top of the grave yard have a nice view.  And then to check out the yard work of the Pawcatuck residents.  Lots of people having evening BBQs!

So there you go, BOOM, done.

The Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc Distance Challenge


Beth, looking forward to less humidity and cooler temps...

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