Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Weekly Recap: 9/7 - 9/13 (final & now with chart)

I'm woefully behind, not as behind as others...

I'll stick the stupid chart in here when I remember.









Monday - oh yeah the NHRR comedy routine!  And a 2.2 mile walk with Gus.  He is great therapy, he walks and sniffs, but not too much.  Keeps a steady pace.  He has some jaw issues so once in a while when he yawns he screeches, it isn't pleasant, for anyone.  Guess this means he probably won't be biting anyone, so that's good right?   He is embracing being 8 for sure, quite mellow and laid back.  He did sneak in a few going around the other side of the pole and gave me a look like "Ooooops I forgot I'm not supposed to do that."  it was cute, and very forgivable.

Tuesday - I can't remember why I didn't run, but I didn't.  I think I had a meeting to struggle through or something.  Jax got a 2.2 mile walk and he, well he is Jax and there isn't much we can do about that.    Game of Thrones was in at the library so Dave and I started watching season 4.  Couldn't remember season 3 fortunately the DVD has a nice recap.  We looked at each other and said, no more binge watching, I can't remember most of this.  One episode a night was the deal... let's see how long THAT lasted.

Wednesday - 5ish mile run sans Faith, her school and work schedule is all different...  it was a shitty run as far as running in the shitty weather goes.   2.2 mile walk with Gus, he really didn't want to go, it was humid and miserable. 

Thursday - I had high hopes all this shitty humidity would be gone.  The Weather Channel sent out an alert about rain at 11:17, well that didn't happen.  I slogged through 5.2 miles.   Jax and I caught up with a 2.2 mile walk, he really does enjoy going on a walk or maybe getting out of the house.  The rain caused most of the dog markings to wash away so he ran out of pee long before he finished his path, seemed a bit depressed about that.  I assured him he could mark another day. 

Friday - I did nothing, not even a nap.  Dave was off playing bass with one of his drummer buddies leaving me unsupervised to drink beer, knit, and facebook - I did neither spectacularly well, luckily I didn't have to rip out the knitting or apologize to anyone, I managed a whopping 3 beers...   The dogs and I went to bed early with the hopes for an early morning run.  Dave was fishing and would be up at 5 which meant we'd all be up at 5.

Saturday - With Dave up and out at 5:30 we were up and moving by 6, I can only keep the mongrels quiet for so long.  Carried the old Gizmo down the stairs, he is getting used to me carrying him and freaking out a bit less.  He isn't sure I'm qualified to carry him down stairs or make dog breakfast.  Poor guys is going to have a shock when Dave's in Utah for a week...

Everyone ate, I decided on coffee (which delays any run by 2 hours) and maybe the day would get cooler as it progressed and I'd run later.  I didn't wait long enough, 5 before noon with the first few being decent.  Decided it was time to mow the lawn and I hadn't used the Garmin to get the squiggly GPS and find out how long the process took with mowing 75% of the hill.  That was kind of fun almost 1/2 mile and 24 minutes.  We have a very tiny lawn!

HA!  The GPS otally can't color in the property lines.

Watched as the neighbors with the chicken coop loaded it on to a trailer and sped away.  Guess they flew the coop, who leaves in the middle of the month?  It will be interesting to see who ends up in there next.  

Gus and I took a 2.5 mile stroll on a different route, he wasn't impressed.

Sunday - The Flattest Century in the East.  Had 1,000 more feet of elevation gain than last year... I'm thinking it's no longer the flattest.  The day threatened rain all day.  It didn't rain till we were biking back to our vehicles and once everyone got their bikes packed up and changed the skies opened up and a deluge was dropped.  Sorry for the bikers still out on the course, we certainly felt pretty lucky.  I'll recap that in another post. 

Took Gus out for a quick walk to keep moving.  After riding 103 miles, and sitting in the car for 90 minutes, spending the rest of the evening sitting in a chair, knitting, watching Game of Thrones and drinking beer was going to be a bad idea.  And the one episode per night lasted until then.  Dave's argument was we missed Friday.   Not exactly valid...  but I bought it and stayed up past my bed time because I knew I wasn't going to sleep well anyhow, I never do after a big effort, and had a third beer to ensure that fate.  (Actually, I slept pretty well, surprisingly well)

Beth, figuring out when she can get back to MI to replenish her Mitten Craft Beer supply

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