Saturday, October 3, 2015

Weekly Recap: 9/28 - 10/4 - the week of being a bag lady

Lots of zeros, little running, except to catch trains and get out of the rain, little walking except to conference rooms.  Kinda nice to have a down week.  My knee feels better and the PF in my right heel seems to be back at bay.

Monday - Usually a knitting day.  I wasn't sure if Rory was back from Switerland or not...  I packed both bags, knitting, and gym, and lugged in my purse and my brief case.  Day One of being a bag lady...  krikies.

It was warm at lunch and I felt it on my run.  Chatted with Mikey B for a bit, poor guy.  I slogged through nearly 4 miles and didn't even want to bother to tag on the last 0.2 to make it 4 forget about 1 to make it an 'even' 5.    I knew I wouldn't get much running in on Tue and Wed, as I would be in NY, but I couldn't face another mile, so I didn't. 

Tuesday - Bag Lady Day two, suitcase, purse, briefcase, do I bring a coat or not and what about a big umbrella or a small one.  Carted all that into NYC, and will cart it all to Stamford because pricing on hotels is outrageous.  I'd rather have another trip into the city with my travel budget so I opted to stay in Stamford, 45 minute train ride.  I also had to cart my gym bag to the car because I will want to run when I go to the CT office on Thursday...  if only the gal at the train station who dubbed me "Bag Lady" knew about the 4th bag in my trunk.  Oh how spot on she was.

Wednesday - Meetings from 9 a.m. till 9:30 p.m.  oh how lovely...  back to Stamford to sleep.  Non- bag lady day!

Thursday - Back to bag lady and trains and cars...

Friday - "I have no earthly idea, it's girls lunch day so probably nothing other than a nap."

What happened: girls lunch, back to work, and no nap.  Giz did take one without me, he was sacked out on the couch when I got home just before dog dinner time.

Saturday - "Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Resarch walk - volunteering for traffic and safety all day."

What happened:  Again bag lady with lots of extra dry clothes to change into.  Thanks Joaquin.  I really enjoy volunteering and I really hate it.  Separate rant post about the walk and how people don't take safety seriously.

Sunday - Possibly the RI century, if it rains, then no.  Or run, since there won't be much of that this week.

Beth, bag lady extraordinaire...

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