Friday, December 18, 2015

Newport Christmas 10K - recap

Mikey kind of harassed me into signing up for this race, I think he likes to see me in pain?  Dunno.. Either way, I ran it two years ago with the club and was happy to run it again.  I signed up as did several other WTAC folks and eventually Mikey signed up.  

After begging off carpooling with Crutch and Joe due to my latest plague, spending 45 minutes in a closed up car sharing my germs wouldn’t be nice of me.  I drove myself in, Crutch has a child so he has an immune system, Joe’s kids are grown, his immune system is probably like mine weak to non-existent.

With the newly developed cough, my breathing was heavier than usual, (Joe said I sounded like an obscene phone call during the mile and a half warm up, um thanks?) who knew how long this was going to take.  

A Goal:  Less than 60 minutes
B Goal:  More than 60 minutes
C Goal:  Do not die (possibly not a gimmie considering my breathing issues!)

I love running in Newport RI.  The course has about 3 miles along the water, and it is generally into the wind, sometimes we are treated with sea spray and other times with flooded roads with a side of seaweed from high tide.  Today it was only a headwind, and not a horrible one, nothing like the headwind in the Gansett ½.  Being able to look out at the water and see the birds and the rocks is so peaceful and calming.  Some day I am going to have to take a bike ride out there and get some pictures to share.  It truly is beautiful and peaceful.

Since it worked so well for Li’l Rhody Run Around, I employed Way’s strategy of start slow and taper.  He also stops at bars along the way, I never remember to carry cash to do this.  

The start was funny, all of a sudden the horn went and people were all “wait, is that the start?  Why yes it is, good luck see you at the end!”

Mile 1 I think it starts on a little bit of a downward roll, followed by an upward roll as you run past Fort Adams, sometimes there are sheep out cheering the runners on, ok they are looking at them like they are nuts, we can all spin our stories our own way!  It was the usual watching people fly past me and me wondering which would keep up the pace and which I’d pass later on.  9:32

Mile 2  We get into some residential areas, nice homes, expensive homes I’d imagine.  I remember commenting once I wouldn’t want a house that grand as I wouldn’t want to clean it, my girlfriend said, if you could afford that house you would pay someone to clean it.  Oh, yeah!  Picked off a couple of the flyers, they were already walking.  I made note of them because chances are I’d be seeing them again when they re-energized. Flat mile 9:39

Mile 3  And the water appears, so pretty, and what a lovely head wind.  I was keeping pace with a lady in the age group one up from mine, she kept a good race pace for me, I made a note to keep an eye on her and not lose sight.  I ducked in behind a person or two but was clearly slowing my pace, still keeping the lady in my sights.  Flat windy mile 9:45

Mile 4 Ok the wind is getting a little annoying and the lady was slipping away.  10:05  

Mile 5 Back into a neighborhood and I walked a little bit, actually a lot bit, I was surprised how far I walked and picked back up the pace.  10:54

Mile 6 – I wondered all race if I would see the leaders of the pack running backwards on the course as their cool down.  They would all be done about 15 – 25 minutes before me, plenty of time for a cool down.  I remembered cresting a hill and seeing them two years ago, I crested that hill and didn’t see them, oh well.  Then I saw Jeff, obviously hell bent on running me in, Crutch cautioned him I might be a little disagreeable.  I usually am.  I was happy to have the energy burst of seeing everyone, and really it was everyone, Crutch led the pack to go find me and everyone else joined in Tom, Shara, Mikey, Joe, Jeff (obviously intending on running me in).  I let Jeff push and coach me down the hill then up the very last hill (I’m sure it was a mountain).  I can see the spike in my pace when I saw them, it was quite significant.  Jeff suggested I rein it in a bit as there was a hill in about 50 yards and it was about 1/10 of a mile long so perhaps saving some of this new found energy would have been a good idea?   Yeah, he was correct.  I gained back a few seconds! 10:35   

last 2/10ths - I struggled to keep it together the last 2/10ths of a mile (the picture Jana took it is clear I’m struggling a bit) 10:18 finished at 1:02:35,  a skitch over 2 minutes slower than two years ago.  I coughed up my remaining lung and Jeff’s wife took a picture of most of the WTAC folks they could assemble.

Finish:  1:02:33  (2013 was 1:00:27)

Full results here

Please let this be over soon.  Please let this be over soon.  Please let this be over soon.
Photo by Jana Walker

Probably one of my most favorite pictures this year.
Joe, Tommy, Shara, Mikey, Crutch, Me, Jeff
Photo by Jana Walker
Beth, glad she ran this, even if she did have to go back and scrape up her lungs from the pavement.


  1. So glad you came out to Newport, Beth! What an odd start that was, indeed! It was a great team outing and hopefully you enjoyed it overall despite being under the weather. And, did you notice, I actually smiled in this post-run picture!

    1. I did!! It was a fun team event and glad to participate!

  2. I wanted to do this race. Sorry I missed it. Nice job!