Friday, January 8, 2016

Weekly Log - 1/4 - 1/10 (final)

Jeff asked a couple good questions, in his comment on my 2015 wrap and 2016 goals post.

"Why Indianapolis?  Why Delaware?"

Indianapolis for a full marathon, the short answer is someone else wants to run there to support their running buddy.  The rest of the story:  I don't have a running buddy, maybe some lacking maternal instinct?  maybe I’m a selfish bitch?  Yeah, neither are true, it wasn’t something I ever considered.  Jennifer’s running buddy is Riley an 8 year old girl with multiple heart conditions and half a heart.  She lives near Indianapolis.  Jennifer decided on Mill Race Marathon  in Columbus IN.  This is close to Riley, Jennifer said Riley was so excited by the prospect of meeting Jennifer; it is hard to say no.   Jennifer’s goal is a sub 5.  I’m good with that; it would be a PR for me.  The course looks interesting and pretty flat.  Always happy to venture back to the Midwest!  And hey, then I'll have two states down on doing a Marathon in all 50 states - HA!  Totally NOT my thing!

Delaware, back up a minute, it’s the Delaware Water Gap 50K, which isn’t in Delaware, the Delaware Water Gap is in PA and it is the section of the Delaware River dividing PA and NJ in the Appalachian Mountains (glad I’m not the only one with geographical issues).  This is one of the many sights I see on my trips back and forth to MI.  It is a beautiful part of the drive on I-80.   Why this one?  It is point to point and looks beautiful.  How's that for tri-state confusion?

And so my week:  

Monday  - Rory needed to switch knitting days from Monday to something other than Monday or Friday.  I picked Thursday, figuring that after a run and spin on Wednesday I’d enjoy a break.  Out into the cold for a run on Monday was required.   I forgot either knickers or tights, so shorts it was.  Ran in to some Electric Boat runner buddies who told me I was nuts and under dressed (I snarked that they used to be dirty old men, what happened?) and turned left towards campus to chase them, instead of out and around Avery Point to get 5 in.  It was the right decision to short my run a mile.   My quads were burning from the cold.  I was kind of looking forward to and dreading a hot shower to warm up.

As luck would have it, there was limited hot water in the locker room, yippee (?) a brisk shower.  Back at my desk I bundled up in the shawl/blanket I keep in my filing cabinet, but still my quads weren’t getting past room temperature, it is chilly in my area!!

Getting home from the gym (since TRX is over as Joy got a new job further away) off to the gym to pump iron (Ok Cybex I know free weights are better - don't trust a red head with heavy throwable objects), I was met with Gus and his stare down.  I bundled up and debated putting the dog sweater on him or not.  I opted not to and probably should have.  He was cold and about 2 miles in did everything he could do to steer us towards home and hurry up the walk.  No stopping to sniff he marched forward and gave me a ‘aw hell no’ look when I went to turn down a street away from the direction home.  Well alrighty then.  

Tuesday – made up for the lost mile on Monday in tights!  It was delightful, no really it was.  The shower was warmer, but I was also not as cold, so not really sure if anything got fixed.

Quite possibly it is the beginning of the year gym explosion. The showers were once again tepid.  One of the regular gals in the locker room and I chatted back and forth, we noted the increased people, decreased locker space, and hoped that at least some would stick with it because we’ve all been there.  

I was looking forward to Yoga to work out the last tight spots and close off all the nagging bits and bobs of thoughts rambling around in my mind.    Chris was in rare form at Fat Belly’s and was right there saying “The usual ladies?”  And we said, remember no glasses with lipstick!  The first night he was tending bar it was the 4th glass of  wine  (another reason I drink beer, cleaner glasses) till one was lipstick free.  We enjoyed busting his chops and he looks forwards to Tuesdays (or at least that’s how we play it out in our minds).

Angie won the first round of  music BINGO!  

Wednesday – The weather warmed up and knickers!  I probably could have managed shorts, but was a little gun shy after Monday.  Ran up to Ro’s house, picked her up, we did our 3.5 mile loop and I meandered my run to get at least a mile (to get to 5) in before I went back to campus.  During my run I contemplated upping the minimum to 6, probably a good idea considering the thoughts going through my head of an ultra in the fall.

No spin, we didn’t get bikes and our names weren’t up on the list.  Jennifer’s been put on the task at calling at 5 a.m. because she is actually up that early and I am not getting to it until 8 a.m. (call the day ahead for the 5:15 p.m. class – that’s how it works) .  With the increase in gym attendance, this happens; it will all work itself out.  We need to petition for more bikes for the branch of the Y we go to.    I contemplated going to the early Westerly class, and pushed that out of my mind, knowing I had errands and a Gus walk to fit in before bed time and besides I’m not a huge fan of that instructor.

Thursday – Rest day / knitting with Rory.  Of course the weather was perfect for short and a long sleeve, no hat or gloves.  Bummer, it happens.  I passed on the Gus walk, he will eventually forgive me.  Feels nice to be a complete slug for the day.  My FitBit didn't even hit 10,000 steps.  Ended my longest running streak of 2016 - 5 days!  In reality that is a lot of days in a row for me. 

Signed up for the Pan Mass Challenge - Sturbridge start 192 miles baby!  $4,500 fundraising goal.  YIKES!!  

Friday – Jennifer maybe was going to be able to meet me for weights at 3 at the Westerly Y.  It was iffy and getting iffier.  Work gets in the way of fun, I wish I had the life my husband leads...  anyhoodles...  I wasn't sure if the loop I picked out was going to be 5 or not, it was!  Whoop.  It was a tough run for me, even with a complete day of rest yesterday... maybe complete rest is a no no?  It was a nice run, back to shorts, definitely could have left the gloves, but I put them on so I had to carry them.

The machine weight area was hopping, not too bad, but definitely more people than usual on a Friday afternoon.  I've added in a few more arm and leg machines, yes, I know free weights are better.  Bottom line - I'm doing weights consistently.

Dog walks will happen this evening, Gus is very upset with me for no walk last night.  Poor guy...  He's got a lot on his plate for a dog...

Saturday - "Volunteering at Kelly's Pace Frostbite 5 Miler. My buddy Faith asked me if I'd volunteer and I said sure.  Probably some course monitoring and then we will sweep the course after the race.   I'm good with that.  I have enough t-shirts so I don't need to run the race and it is part of a three race series, where I will miss the 3rd race as it falls on the same weekend of the Pan Mass Challenge."

What happened:  I did volunteer, at mile 1 and 4 the course is a lollipop. I was there with Tony a Stonington Police Officer.  After someone barely stopped at the stop sign, with a cop standing RIGHT THERE he commented "These aren't suggestions."  I said "Ah the Detroit Roll.  Did you know that in Detroit the ones with white borders are optional?"  He looked at me quizzically and said "Where in Michigan are you from?"  this launched into a discussion about where I work and he also works there too!  The cop thing is mostly traffic and part time.  Tony had lots of stories about people getting frustrated that they can't get to where they are going.  "Driving is a privilege not a right." was how he ended that conversation, he is correct, it is a privilege.

The extra large coffee did a number on my stomach I begged off my run with Faith.  I went home and took a nap with Gizmo, I needed the nap I guess.  Took till after my run in the late afternoon to flush the last of the nastiness that much coffee does to my insides.  My own personal Poop Monster, as it were.

Nice run on my own, meandering here and there.  I had thought about my 10 mile loop however I had no headlamp and it would be dark in an hour and 10 miles will take me close to two hours.  Why risk it so I stuck to sidewalks and sought out a bit of elevation, I'm about 40% done with the Strava 1,000 meter climbing challenge.  Prompted me to think about not avoiding the small rises around here.  It will only benefit me in the long run, right?

Today marks the day when a treasured friend, colleague, and mentor would have turned 49.  Dave was an interesting character and always there with a shoulder or a foot, which ever the situation called for sympathy or a swift kick in the ass telling me to 'suck it up'.  He and his motorcycle were plowed over by an impatient driver.  Very sad, and truly a loss.  He was 31.

Sunday - "The weather is supposed to be crappy but warm, not really sure what will happen.  I have a Sherlock Holmes or two to watch... " 

What happened:  After spending the majority of the day with poor timing, the rain was quiet while I was shopping and horrendous while I was driving, I fretted about running, maybe go to the Y and go on the treadmill.  It didn't happen.  I did chores around the house and played with the dogs.

On Foot 2016 goal - 56.5 done against 55.1, a little ahead with the help of a dog walk.

In Saddle 2016 goal - 0 done

I'm seriously thinking this may not happen... then I'm seriously thinking shut up...

Beth, off to a decent start


  1. That Delaware race looks mighty interesting!

    1. Gahhhhh it's in PA. I think it will be amazingly beautiful.

  2. Thanks for clarifying on the Indianapolis and the Delaware not in Delaware races. Kudos to you for planning out your races.